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WJEC- religion and medicine

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by thebishop, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. thebishop

    thebishop New commenter

    Hi DP! According to the Syllabus that is the case, but that doesn't mean that you can't cover other aspects when you cover the section on Medical Ethics and making decisions.
  2. Thanks! I have put them in a little when doing things like doctor's decisions, but just wanted to check! We are short on time so need to make sure I get the right stuff in!
    Thanks for the help
  3. Not sure if this - from my experiences on RGN Training (pre - Project 2000) is any help - when on theatre experience.
    Nurses have a right of conscience, which is usually stated by management specifically to cover refusing to participate in abortions. I invoked it successfully to decline participation in IVF. As far as I know the same right was not explicit for other procedures - e.g. blood transfusions and Jehovah's Witness staff. These are important issues that at least some students will face in their careers - cover the lot!
  4. You are right - Abortion, IVF and ethanasia are the only specfic issues but I am spending one or two lessons on other issues like organ donation, cloning, blood transfusions etc as further examples for the key concepts in this unit e.g. conscience, quality of life etc. I think it might be useful for pupils for the evaluation type questions as well.

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