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WJEC Psychology - Problems with grades and marking still?

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by lizgc, May 27, 2011.

  1. We are thinking of switching from AQA A to WJEC in September, but are a bit concerned by comments about inconsistent marking and difficulty in obtaining top grades (as well as a lack of published resources). Psychology is a popular and successful choice at our school, with about 20-25% of the sixth form studying it and our results have been consistently high. Our only reason for changing is that the WJEC spec looks more exciting but we can't afford to make a mistake.
    Any advice/comments on recent results etc would be really appreciated!
  2. I know I have seen some negativity about the spec on these forums but I have to say that we love teaching WJEC and have been very pleased with our results since switching 3 years ago. They have improved consistently and the proportion of top grades for our A2 cohort last year was excellent. I think the students benefit from the straightforward way in which the exam is structured and the clear way in which the questions are asked. I appreciate that there are problems with all of the exam boards and I would not suggest that the WJEC spec is perfect but any questions we have are always answered quickly and compared to previous issues we had with AQA (including one cohort who had 3 of their 6 modules remarked!) the marking has been very good.
  3. One problem with any exam board is that teachers think they know what an A grade looks like, but every board has a different protocol. My problems with WJEC are in AS not A2, especially PY1. PY4 I went to an INSET and had the essay structure explained (very Applying Science) and last summer had much better grades.
  5. They have to present evidence as evaluating a hypothesis, for and against - so they get good AO2 marks, which many don't Apparently lots of teachers teach lots of facts but little evaluation, but the CE (I think) told us to write a hypothesis (e.g. Freud believed dreams to be) and then present evidence for (case studies) and against (no independent evidence etc etc). Also do big evaluation such as "crime is a social construct and so there cannot be a criminal gene, although there can be genetically influenced behaviour that makes crime more likely e.g. alcoholism". As i said, marks went up!
  6. Thanks Irish,
    I can understand this for PY3 issues and PY4 - but surely not the PY1 qu's 1,2 and 3 which do not require evaluation? Or PY2 qu's 1,2,3? Or are they moving the goal posts again?

  7. In reply to the initial question, I would strongly urge you to think very carefully about changing. Anychange of exam board is likely to bring a dip in performance. You are almost alwaysbetter to stick with the devil you know, all that teaching experience counts for something! If you're bored why not just change some of your A2 options?
    All the specs have strengths and limitations. This is not a decision to take lightly.

  8. As with lizgc we currently teach AQA A but have had some poor results over the last few years I have only started teaching Psych at this school this year having delivered OCR at my previous post (old spec) but the students feel its too challenging, too much to remember etc. We share classes. I just wondered if anyone else had comments on the other specs and exam techniques etc. Thanks

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