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WJEC new specification

Discussion in 'English' started by sunflower48, May 17, 2010.

  1. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Has everyone done their long term plan or are you still going round in circles?
    Things seem ok and then I find I don't understand anything!!!
    Have you also chosen which Unit you will do for lit and which texts you are going to study?
    Decisions, decisions!!!!
  2. circling.
  3. Done the plan! The samples in the teacher's guide are very helpful. If anyone wants my draft - yes, draft, I have already thought of two changes I want to make - leave an email or send me a PM. Can't promise much until end of this week!
  4. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

  5. Hi

    I *think* I have it pretty much sorted... I'm running 6 week units of work - 15 lessons with the last 3 set aside for assessment - attempts at CA or formal SP/L...

    We are doing topic units with the aim of delivering the essential skills through the topics - so for example we are doing a 'Horror' unit that will prep the kids for the descriptive and narrative CA, a film, music and TV unit for reading as prep for the exams and also a Travel and Tourism unit as prep for the exams...

    We have decided to go with Of Mice and Men as a dual lit / lang CA text for the lang/lit sets and Macbeth for middle ability Lang only and Romeo and Juliet as lower ability lang only text.

    We have selected Heroes for the contemporary prose text and An Inspector Calls as the heritage drama text...

    I'm looking forward to the overhaul actually.... ;0)
  6. Was going to send this out this afternoon; but just realised that the plans are on my laptop - which is at school cos I couldn't be bothered bringing it home this weekend! Will try and remember to do it tomorrow.
  7. I would be very grateful of a copy of that too...still rather confused!
    Thanks :)
  8. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

  9. arrrrrrrbee

    arrrrrrrbee New commenter

  10. You should have mail.
  11. I'd love a copy too! Will try and exchange when ours ready
  12. You have mail.
  13. Am I too late Arthur? jwp@sloughgrammar.berks.sch.uk

    Many thanks
  14. No, not too late. You should have mail.
  15. Hey,
    I would really appreciate a copy too please if possible.


  16. You all have mail.
  17. Hi Arthur, is there any chance you could mail me a copy too? I'm stuck between seperating lit and lang into two different years or merging them.

    Many thanks
  18. Merge them. In any case, you can't do Lang until 2012 for the first time, so it makes more sense. When you look at my plan, you'll see that we are putting students in for Lit Unit 1 at the end of Y10 and leaving the rest until the end of Y11 and we will do Unit 1 and 2 for Lang in January of Y11 with retake opportunities in the jUne of Y11. I've also moved the Unit 4 lang writing about spoken lang from the end of Y9 to the end of Y10 and doing narrative Controlled Assessment at end of Y9.

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