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WJEC new spec unit one Higher results

Discussion in 'English' started by lovely_lorz, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. lovely_lorz

    lovely_lorz New commenter

    Hi all,
    I was just wondering if any other centres have had any issues with their Higher paper unit one (reading) results for the new spec? When we got our results back on Thursday we had a high proportion of students who got Us or Es in this paper. The students were definitely entered in the correct tier (some of these students are predicted A*s and As and many also achieved these grades on the Unit two paper).
    We have emailed WJEC although haven't heard back yet. I was just curious if anyone else has found the same issue? We are obviously concerned that either something has happened with the marking or that we have not taught it properly... although this seems unlikely as there are three different teachers who teach the Higher groups and also the foundation students on the same unit achieved their expected results.
    Thank you
    Lau xxx
  2. Does sound like a glitch somewhere. Hopefully, it will be computer error. But if it isn't, I'd be inclined to request copies of some of the scripts from affected students - simply to see what they did - and appeal some of them if you think there's a case.
  3. DalekTeacher

    DalekTeacher New commenter

    Do you know how I go about requesting scripts and do the school have to pay for them?
  4. Your exams officer will have the details. Yes, you do pay but the fee is lower for a copy rather than the script itself, I think. Cost last year was around £2.50 a paper. Makes it worth while to get a range of marks for all papers at that price. Last year we requested 6 - three students for both English papers and chose a student who just missed a B by mark and two students who missed a C by one mark - ones we thought were D grade students anyway. On seeing the papers we decided against appealing as we agreed they were D grade. This year, we are going for a broader range of marks for paper 2 only (as it's still relevant to the new spec) and a range of our Lit Unit 1 papers. We aren 't appealing against them, just want to see them for our own professional development.
  5. mediadave

    mediadave New commenter

    We've had exactly the same issue! A* students getting Cs and Ds, quite a lot of Us too. Completely unfathomable. Writing paper was better although there were still a lot of top-set students getting Cs and Ds. Everyone's completely flabbergasted and are seriously hoping there's been an error at the exam board end.
    Foundation marks seem to be as expected. Definitely an issue with that paper. Earlier I downloaded the actual paper and read the first article and the first question, answered them in my head, then looked at the mark scheme to see completely different answers. Turned out I was looking at the article on the paper and not the article on the insert. Made me wonder whether some kids had just looked at the wrong article when answering...although it doesn't seem possible that so many made that mistake.
    Reassuring to know we're not alone here!
  6. Let us know how you go on with the exam board and if anything changes. We will put our first cohort in for this exam next year! We've had a similar experience this year on AQA foundation paper - very frustrating!
  7. lovely_lorz

    lovely_lorz New commenter

    Thanks for all of your replies! Still no word back from exam board but I will let you know what happens when we hear back!
    It is very reassuring to know that we're not the only ones to have experienced this!!
    Thanks everyone!
    Laura xx
  8. Ours were a nightmare, and radically different to the unit 2 results. I have spoken to another English HOD and their results are the same. Presuming, so far, that a lot of students have missed the last question or oterwise managed their time badly, or that we've been teaching the wrong approach. Either way, I guess there'll be a lot of re-sits ...
  9. lovely_lorz

    lovely_lorz New commenter

    we heard back from exam board today. They have told us that we need to choose 11 candidates to put back in for remark. Obviously we'll have to pay if marks don't get changed. They have said that if it comes out that there are major issues on the marking they they will then organise remarking at their own expense.
    They have also said that if the marking is correct that they can offer centre specific INSET- so I'll let you know what happens!
    We haven't given out results to our students yet- they're going to be so disappointed!!
    Laura xx
  10. mediadave

    mediadave New commenter

    Thanks for the update Laura - good to know that something is happening for you to try and resolve this.
    Just out of interest, those of you with issues, is this your first year teaching this specification?
  11. Hey,
    Could you send me the link to the paper you downloaded? I can only see the specimen one.
  12. mediadave

    mediadave New commenter

    You need to log into the WJEC secure site to see it.
  13. Hi
    Just saw the thread and thought "thank god it's not just us!!" We had 45% A-C for our Unit 1 results. We had close to 90% for our Year 11s on the old spec. It was a shock to all of us to see the results so low. We had pupils who had all A* for their other Year 10 modules and D or E for English. We've done the same as you - sent off a sample of papers to be re-marked. One word of warning - when talking to some of our pupils they didn't finish the paper which will oviously skew the results. We only sent papers that had been finished.
    Would love to know how you get on.
  14. Us too! This is our first year of teaching new spec - however the reading results were erratic with some pupils gaining A's and B's in other modules and only managing a D or lower on this unit. We are sending off samples for remarking and wondering whether we should wait until our students are in year 11 before entering them in future.
  15. lovely_lorz

    lovely_lorz New commenter

    Hi all!
    So, we got our first couple of papers back this week. One was awarded a C but the answer appears more to be at an A+ level. Another of them was awarded a U and nether were changed in the remark (!!)
    This student had written 7 pages of A4 and to us seemed to be a C+/B- sort of grade. We have two experienced AQA exam markers in our department and both of them were baffled by the marking. The comments on the paper do not seem to match the students work either. For example, at one point a student had identified a language technique, given an example and then gone on to explain the effect created and yet the examiner has written "vague" next to it?!
    So we're still very confused. Now waiting for the rest of our papers to arrive back. My HoD has emailed the board with our concerns after looking at these first papers.
    Has anyone else heard back? It's all a bit worrying isn't it?!
    Lau xxxx
  16. Hi
    Our results sound pretty much like yours. Really don't know what is going on to be honest! We have sent papers off for remarks but don't hold much hope to be honest. We were having A*/ A grade candidates coming out with Ds, just doesn't make sense!
  17. Hi all,
    What a relief to find that other schools have had the same experience. We are absolutely shocked by our results; Unit 1 Foundation = 40.6% A* to C, while Unit 1 Higher = 27.5% A* to C.
    Similarly to the experience of other posts, some of our students have achieved an A or A* on Unit 2 but Ds and Es on Unit 1.
    After a couple of weeks of frustrating conversations, last week I managed to get hold of the English Subject Officer, Wayne Powell, who seemed understanding and has offered to get the Chief Examiner to do detailed reports on half a dozen students to explain why they were so low, as a first step in the process of addressing our concerns.
    Three important questions remain for me:
    1. The standard of grades should be consistent but obviously isn't; looking at the students in my C/D group it was far easier to get a C on the foundation paper. Surely the grade boundaries should be adjusted accordingly?
    2. We taught students exactly how WJEC told us to- how we have always prepared them for the reading part of Paper 2. Last year we achieved 79% A*- C and our results for Paper 2 were higher than for Paper 1. Have they changed the content/ marking process for this paper? If so, the inset should have been delivered BEFORE these exams.
    3. Can we have confidence in WJEC anymore? Our students are disappointed and parents losing confidence in us; I am seriously considering a change of exam board at the end of this year.
    Hoping for a positive resolution for us all soon, Caitlin

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