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Discussion in 'Media studies' started by VixC, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. VixC

    VixC New commenter

    I'm new to teaching this course and, although I've muddled my way through MS1 & 2, I wondered whether anyone had a programme of study (overview) of how they teach MS4?
  2. nick2002

    nick2002 New commenter

    Hi I know your post is a couple of months old, but I don't visit this site too often so I've only just seen it.

    We do Games, Tv and Film as the three industries and spend one half term on each.

    Generally I start with Film as it's nice gateway into A2; also, looking at film marketing, etc. as part of the case studies helps students generate some ideas for MS3 productions if they don't fancy producing a filmed sequence.

    We then break for MS3, before resuming MS4 with TV and Games in that order. For TV, we normally do a couple of episodes of each case study; for Games, we do a little bit of 'gameplay' on the console in class, interspersed with walk through videos of key sequences on YouTube (choose the videos marked as 'no commentary'!).

    For all 3 industries, we start with an introduction to the key industry aspects and terminology, before looking at each case study text in relation to section A and B topics. This is followed up with some lessons on regulation in each industry, and then a timed exam question assessment. Different centres will obviously take different approaches, but it seems to work ok in terms of covering all bases for each industry and case study.

    Hope this helps.

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