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WJEC Media Studies MS4 TV industry

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by gavski, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. I do TV :)
    This year we studied: Skins, Doctor Who (DT), 30 Rock - just to have a nice mix. Looking at all representational issues, genre, narrative etc etc blah blah blah...production stuff.
    Regulation we look at Ofcom and what they do and why and then all issues concerned with the shows. Also look at website connections for them and marketing. For a mini project I got my Y13's to choose a text between pairs and then research the fiddly bits like websites and marketing and fan base and prepare a PP on it to present to others...
    Do you do anything special?

  2. I have the resources from what other teachers have done previously. I have taught the music and film section but never TV. Previously they have looked at Shameless, Dr Who and The Hills. I understand the genre, narrative, representation parts but didn't know how much history I should teach if any?
    I have resources on dumbing down and PSB, but this was used for the old spec so not sure how relevant it is with the new one.
    How do you start the unit? Do you do background or just get straight into the texts?



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