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WJEC Media AS Exam 2011

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by gavski, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Will be Print based!!

    First time this has ever been print for me...so what can we expect?


  2. Yeppa, a letter came last week advising print...
    I would like to think it would be something nice like magazine covers or dvd covers as they have done before in previous syllabus. Do you think they would do national identity through newspapers then? hmmmm...how would you go about looking at that?
    I think the Jan paper was horrible and all my retake kids did worse on that than the summer before!!
    Also...do you think its too early this year - I was hoping for the first week of June again as it has been for last 5 years...leaves me 3 weeks shorter now!
    Lets all swap ideas and LPs then to cover all bases...who is up for that?
  3. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Hurrah! I am, I only realised the exam was May 17th today! I nearly had a mini-vomit in front of the class. I am still wrestling MS3 (hate-hate-hate it) and half-waythrough MS2. We lose so much time, It think it's because MS4 takes so long to mark. Lots of us struggled to meet the marking deadline because each paper takes so long and lots of examiners mark both. Email me Gavski and anyone else if you want to 'team teach!' I do think it will be issues/debates or National Identity. They were quite clear it was a real topic at the Nov exam meeting because I swear the year previous they had embedded it into other reps and when I raised this they were insistent that it was a singular topic. Jan arrived with events (*** - my re-sit results mirrored yours bar one who got an A!) So I just have a feeling it has to be - plus Royal Wedding etc - urggh. Have you checked out the Jan MS$ paper yet on the walled garden? It was a bit strange and through up Audience Pleasures of the text - I had to do a quick Google as I have never heard of that theory before. I think this definitely is going to be a harder exam system.
  4. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Good grief - I need to stop and breathe. It THREW up not "through up". I cannot process anything at this time of year, I have marking burn-out!
  5. You have mail :)
  6. Hi

    I am definitely up for the sharing of resources - this is my first time teaching AS media studies - terrifying! thanks for all the great suggestions so far though.
  7. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter


    If you could email my inbox we can take it from there - I am looking for Reps and Audience resources really - thanks
  8. Last meeting I went to heavily suggested issues/debates and the examples we were given were print too.... magazine front covers dealing with 'body issues'. Celebs, eating disorders, fitness etc

    That's were I am beginning, although National Identity sounds sensible with Royal Wedding etc, Barbara Connell, admittedly when referring to MS4, said the exam paper questions are written up to three years in advance.. so big news can't really be factored in.
    FYI She also said MS4 representation will always be straight forward so gender or youth etc. If it was a tricky one she said there would be an option e.g. either ethnicity or gender, as the texts you have studied may not have a diverse enough representation
    Hope that helps someone


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