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WJEC Maths Exam

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by welshbandit, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Both the higher and lower tier exams P2's IMO were very straight forward. On the higher tier paper no questions were set to asess the cosine rule, standard deviation, circle theorems, trig graphs or transformation of graphs. On the lower tier paper no questions were set to test the knowledge of the area or circumference of a circle. This is a large amount of work I am sure many centres will have taught that at the end of day was not examined. One can possibly argue as a result that it is really a complete lottery as to what the pupils could have faced in their exams today! Many will have wasted a lot of effort I am sure revising many of the above mentioned topics will no possible reward for their preparation work! How is this a fair test when in previous years many of the above topics have always been included?
  2. We do the Wales Pilot and IMO Paper 2 was difficult. Good to see the return of the famous carpet question though
  3. I completely agree, however if it wasn't like that then there would be limited topics. My a levels where the same i spent hours doing circle theorem ect. and they didnt come up.

    Have had a lot of positive feedback from students though which is really good.

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