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WJEC IT3 question language

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by shenn, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. shenn

    shenn New commenter

    I have tried to teach my students what to write based on what the question asks e.g. 'describe', 'state', 'discuss' etc and how many points to make and how detailed each point needs to be and when to use example etc.
    In today's paper 'descirbe' is used in ten different questions and in nine of them each point is worht at least two marks and in the other they ask for four points for four marks and in another questions they use 'state' where 'describe' would be more duitable
    It is like a game where we have to guess what they want and there is no consistency in how they word questions
    Other than this I thought the paper was very fair

  2. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Not seen the paper yet but my lot came out thinking they had aced it, but they thought they had done well in January too. They got what their predicted grades then and I won't be surprised to see a reapeat of that when Aug 18 comes round.
    As for your point above I always tell my lot to "describe" in detail whatever the question starts with as previous mark schemes have always been like that and if you always go for depth you can't go wrong.
  3. Amen to that.
    This must be the most predictable paper in exam history and once again, I would say it's easier than its AS equivalent.
    Long may it stay so.
    How are other's finding this course nowadays?
    Thanks to the ease of managing coursework and exam sittings/resits, our A2 candidates sat down to do the A2 paper with minimum 'D' Grades without having to write a thing.
    Is this the situation you're getting with your A2 cohorts?

  4. My students all prefer IT3 to IT1. A2 ICT is going well, although I hate the limitations of the coursework ('I could teach you how to do that but it won't get any marks so don't bother') and REALLY hate the database theory ('Yes, that table design in the markscheme is exactly what I taught you never to do')
    Our problem remains the IT1 paper and trying to get the students through that. It culls half the lower sixth through low morale and outright failures. Any paper with an average mark consistently 2 marks above the E/U boundary is FLAWED. Apparantly even the person who wrote the paper can't get good marks on it with his students (he said this at our last INSET.)

  5. Yes, Paper 1 is a pig.
    We've managed to get 80%+ to pass that (in many cases just scraping it) by teaching them in a bullying, Victorian teacher manner what the various Spreadsheet Features: Advanced, Validation, Data Entry easing etc are so they can make a decent job of that part.
    Techniques include having kids chant descriptions for an hour with their hands on their heads and eyes closed; yes, really.
    But the coursework is a gift isn't it?
    In year 13, I re-enter the lot for the AS in Jan - I got an average 2-3 grade increase last time - the syllabus is so damned big it's tough to cover it in a year, isn't it?
  6. I tried valiantly at INSET to suggest that there was an issue with Paper 1 - too broad a subject area, testing memory not IT knowledge and skills, ambiguous wording yet exacting marksheme etc. Everyone else just sat there and didnt say a thing.... I wondered if I am just naturally arsey or no-one else cares.
    The hardest thing for me is looking at the specs for all the A Level IT courses and thinking that 90% of the content is totally irrelevant to the industry and totally and utterly pointless. Really feel for the kids and wish that their efforts were going into something worthwhile.


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