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WJEC IT1 Paper today

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by compoit, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. compoit

    compoit New commenter

    Just had a look at the paper and it seems OK. Health question this time asking about Expert Systems along with a Home Entertainment question. The rest is standard so the kiddies should do ok - fingers crossed!
  2. scruffycat

    scruffycat New commenter

    Too much smiling for my liking. They have all cocked it up and fallen into the talk about playstation trap. I actually hate the easy looking questions on ict in the home. not seen it yet but loads came out saying what is a financial forecast a new what a simualtion model was but you had not taught me a finanaical forecast....give me strength.
  3. Seemed most of the questions had been used before in previous papers so very happy as we had done them to death. Slightly strange that there was no Data, Information and Knowledge question but still fingers crossed that IT3 will be as straight forward.
  4. Never underestimate the ability of an IT student to mess up a striaghtforward exam or an exam-board's inability to credit anything other than the exact answer in the markscheme :)

  5. On balance, a great paper though not the gift that January's was.
    A 'Data, Information, Knowledge' question is always helpful for the dumbos but there was Validation stuff for them.
    The Spreadsheet questions are fabulously repetitive.
    Sure, some will *** it up but isn't that 'cos they're thick?
    Apologies for directness - very nice Nebbiolo in progress......

  6. "Well at least the weather question came up, you know about modelling and the met office"

    "Erm, I think you will find that it was financial forecasting, not weather forecasting"

    Horse, water, drink etc.

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