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WJEC IT1 Just in time stock control

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by shenn99, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Did anyone spend enough time on this topic to answer a 7 mark question?
    I know I didn't!
    If they can ask 7 mark questions about this they can about anything on the specification. I think I would need about four years to go into detail on everything on the spec.
  2. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    Here we go again - You beat me to it - where does it all end?
    It affords one line in the spec and a small paragraph in both Doyle and Mott/Leeming books, which I know the writers of the paper follow very closely, so to devote nearly 10% of the paper to it is DAI-abolical.
    Business Studies V ICT again!!
    I thought the rest of the paper was OK, so hopefully, they will get reasonable grades without answering this question.
  3. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Time to play devil's advocate here. If 60% of the course is exam based then 60% of your class time needs to be spent on theory. So you have about 33 weeks of teaching time before kids hit the exam hall. Let's call it 20 weeks of theory and I assume we all have about 4 - 5 hours a week contact time.
    If you follow the Doyle book then there are 13 chapters for AS and it's quite clear the big bad boy chapters are the 6a - 6d ones, where JIT falls in, you gotta be allowing 2 of your weeks per chapter to deal with those ones fully as lets face it the likes of ch 1 "validation" and ch 4 "data, info , knowledge" can be dealt with in a couple of lessons. 10 hours of class time on each of these chapters is enough to cover everything listed and there's more than just a paragraph in the Doyle text on JIT.
  4. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    oops 15 chapters in Doyle, but I think my maths still holds up (ish). Bottom line if it's on the spec then they can ask it and you can't really complain. Although I do have to say that it does surprise me that there is a lot more in the AS spec compared to A2 theory. Maybe WJEC could move a couple of bits from one to the other......
  5. I agree the AS spec is too heavy, 3 hours a week with large groups doesn't bide for excellent results!

    I've a feeling in my gut that yet again we'll be looking at a mess come results.

    Luckily I'd mentioned JIT to my group this morning, although only in passing.

    Everything else seems ok, although I've not had a chance to study the paper fully yet.
  6. i had enough time to answer it but i thought it was a bit unfair putting a question like that on seeing as it isn't even specified n the syllabus
  7. Good point djp, but if you take the Jan module, you are artifically constrained as to how you split the year up (e.g. I have 13 weeks before the Jan module and 17 weeks after.)
    My main concern is that if any bullet point in Uses of IT can potentially be expanded into a 7 mark question, can we realistically prepare them for everything and then expect them to learn it? Do I have to make sure that my students can manage a 7 marker on sequencers and notators? Or 'features of software packages in education' whatever the hell that means? or PROLOG and ASPRIN?
    I am increasingly of the opinion that the WJEC theory spec is a giant, floppy, vague, disorganised thing aimed at reasonably bright and literate school sixth formers who've already done WJEC GCSE in the same department. It is barely teachable in my context (sixth form college, 40 different feeder schools, most students have vocational level 2 qualifications not GCSE, Jan modules virtually compulsory)
    I am looking around at other options for next year.
  8. Khashoggi

    Khashoggi New commenter

    Haven't seen the paper yet, but a lot of my students apparently asked for a supplementary answer booklet. Anyone else experience this? I haven't had it happen in the past. Normally there has been plenty of room in the paper
  9. My kids liked it (not that that is a great indicator of performance) and I thought the JIT question was the only stinker. COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE.

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