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WJEC ICT1 Results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by stodgey, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Had some rather low and disappointing results from ICT1 this year. Anybody else experience similar? I remember the students came out of the exam and said the paper was easy - which always makes me nervous!! I hate easy papers - the grade boundaries always seem to be high and they never achieve them!
  2. Had some rather low and disappointing results from ICT1 this year. Anybody else experience similar? I remember the students came out of the exam and said the paper was easy - which always makes me nervous!! I hate easy papers - the grade boundaries always seem to be high and they never achieve them!
  3. For our centre, having just changed from AQA, the ICT results were apalling - even worse than AQA which is saying something - 50% Us!! I was really dissapointed given we had excellent results in the other 2 units.
  4. duncwilson

    duncwilson New commenter

    Same here, TERRIBLE results in ICT1 - the paper was definately easier than previous years & all my kids came out happy but the results are really low. Anybody else have same experience / ideas ?
  5. Same here- this is our first time with WJEC. IT2 results were much as I predicted although I did have all marks moderated down slightly and will be interested to see where my assessment did not meet the criteria. IT1 was a disaster- for example we had students with U/A or U/B profiles. We have asked for copies of papers to find out what went wrong- my initial look at these suggests a very pedantic marking for the 16 mark spreadsheet question. I think that it was also easy for students to confuse what looked like very easy questions and answer them in a GCSE style when much more in depth and explanation was required.
    If anyone out there has perfected a way to get decent results for ICT theory - can you share it with me please?
  6. Ours weren't great but it's the first year.
    It's how much we know that matters - not how much the kids do
  7. A colleague of mine told me that they had been told (at INSET?) that if the candidates do not correctly refer to their spreadsheet in their written answer then they do not get any marks. eg: if they have used =AVERAGE as one of the functions listed in the question they have to say <u>WHERE</u> they have used it.
    example: on <u>page 8, cell C23</u> I have used =AVERAGE to calculate......
    However, if the candidate just wrote "I have used =AVERAGE to calculate", the examiner wouldn't go searching through pages of print outs to try and find it.
    There also has to be care from the candidates to not repeat answers. eg: using =AVERAGE for part (a) and part (c) wouldn't get marks for both (this is just an example, without looking at what the exam paper actually asked for).

    As mentioned in another thread, I was happy with my results and they were as expected. The lazys boys got 'U's and the hardworking students got A, B and C grades. One girl got full marks too. They were taught theory one lesson per week for an academic year and each student was loaned a copy of "WJEC ICT for AS" by Mott/Leeming (Hodder ISBN: 0340976055). I liked the look of this book as it was edited by Dai Rudge who is the Chief Examiner for the WJEC AS/A2 Theory Papers. I do also like the look of the Doyle text book both for AS and A2, and I'll probably get my students the A2 book for next year and I've heard that Hodder are not doing an A2 book to continue from the AS book I've mentioned.

  8. That's very useful for next year, pob.
  9. Horrified with mine. Need to get some papers back to see with my own eyes. I prepped them well about referring to page numbers and cell references for section B, and the taught theory all matched the mark scheme, so I can't understand what went very wrong. Only thing I spotted was the wording of question 2(a). Pupils needed to read that VERY carefully to avoid going down the wrong path. Other than that I agree that the paper looked easier than previous years and their mock results just don't make any sense compared to their actual results.
  10. Our results for IT 1 were OK, but not fantastic. If you look at the scripts in more detail you will find the students actually performed well in terms of percentage. It seems with the new SPEC the have increased the grade boundaries quite considerably. For example, one of our candidates scored 63% in her paper, which equated to a C grade!!! I suspect there have been major changs to exam grade boundaries to come in line with other board ICT courses (QCA directives).

  11. I've always thought of 63% being around about a 'C' grade. As a rough guide I usually tell the pupils the following:
    A - 80%
    B - 70%
    C - 60%
    D - 50%
    E - 40%

    This fits with the scores out of 600 for the old specs, where 480 was an A, 420 a B and so on.
  12. Just to add, if you have an account with the wjecservices.co.uk website (see your exams officer) you can now download the mark scheme for the paper. Not been through it fully yet, but it looks straightfoward.

  13. First time through for us and delighted with results. Greater proportion of higher grades than with AQA and course much more enjoyable for the kids so better retention. Also impressed with support and feedback from coursework moderation - actually specific and useful.

  14. scruffycat

    scruffycat New commenter

    Frist time through for all of us on the new specification and thus some issues, but results were as always good and fair. Very pleased with the whole wjec package.

  15. Have you had moderation feedback for Unit 2? We do not seem to have had anything and our marks were reduced slightly - when did you get this?
  16. We got ours today.
    Ours were also reduced very slightly but we were happy.
    Almost no detail at all on the report.
  17. Received moderator's report on Wednesday. Our marks were also reduced. Moderator ticked that compression and evaluation were 'slightly generous' and other sections accurate. However candidates have been marked down for more marks than they received in total for the 'slightly generous' sections so I don't understand. Moderators comments provided no insight - I have queried with Ian Carey but no reply as yet.
  18. I would reiterate the advice given by POB re the the referencing of spreadsheet marks. Also about the depth of answering questions- I found some of our candidates gave very 'GCSE' responses in their mocks with no expansion or exemplification. I was very pleased with our AS results, many performing much better than expected. We also had a candiadte achieve full marks.
    As for the moderation, I belive that 'slightly generous' can mean 'out of tolerance'. Marking can be 'accurate' in all sections e.g. 1 or 2 out but if you add all the 1s and 2s up it will take you out of tolerance overall, which is usually about 5% of the marks- it certainly has been with other exam boards. Not in receipt of our examiners report yet but looking at the pupils' UMS marks we appear to have no movement.
    I agree with John Brown- it's the first year through a new spec!
  19. Our marks reduced on the coursework - by 7 marks on some - this was due to the scaling I am told - the moderator agreed with out marking - what was going on!!!
  20. Don't panic.
    Have you got some ALIS predictions? What did they get compared to those? The kids are happy so be happy as well. Don't beat yourself up. As JB says, it's just a job. You get better with experience. Also, the first year of any new course is always dicey. Look at kids with less than their predictions. You can usually work out why some didn't do as well as expected - absences is a common reason. Having a job while studying so can't commit properly to homework is another. Girlfriend/Boyfriend trouble is another. Lack of resources / not enough teaching periods provided / not allowed to go on courses are more reasons, and let's not forget that exam board marking/advice is frankly shockingly bad these days - most markers / moderators / course givers are *** who can't teach / spell their own name / urinate in a straight line let alone mark properly and give meaningful feedback.
    Get some hobbies. A good *** helps. Lots of exercise. Get good sleep. But stop worrying. It's just a job and short of lewd acts with minors, it's practically impossible to get fired. Try talking this through with the HofD. If he or she is a nob, talk it through with a head of department you get on with and let them help you sort out why the kids didn't do well.
    You aren't born a great teacher like planetx. You have to work at it and it takes a few years.

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