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WJEC ICT SoW ....help!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by DebbieGordon, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. I finally got confirmation that I have 'enough' students to run an AS class this year... at a very late stage. Is there anyone who would be willing to share with me a SoW - to get an idea of how you split the units between 2 teachers & any resources.
    We've not run an A level in ICT under the new specs....

    And yes - I've signed up to the course at the end of the month.

    If you can help - could you send me a message - where I can leave you contact details

    Massive thanks in advance

  2. - is what I'm currently doing at super speed.

    It's that at this busy time of year, I'm trying not to make a 'massive' mistake by going one direction in haste & then regretting it, so I had hoped, which some followers of the ICT forum have done, is to try and get some 'seasoned' advice from staff who have taught it - the order in which to teach it, since WJEC have not provided a 'recommended' SoW as a guidance.

    My request here is just one of my tactics to try & get right a SoW from those who have experience....
  3. kellesley

    kellesley New commenter

    Hi Debbie

    we teach this split between 2 teachers, if you contact me by e-mail I can let you have SOW for each teacher and an overall breakdown of how we share the course

  4. I would have thought the split is fairly obvious.
    We split it 50/50: one member of staff teaches the coursework over 50% of the curriculum time and the other uses the remaining 50% to teach the exam (syllabus content and production of the spreadsheet).
    It is extremely important that you use at least 50% for the coursework as these are bankable marks and the Grade thresholds are now very high for those seeking 'A's on their results sheet.
    Bear in mind that the exam is now very late in the year and this helps in your use of teaching time.
  5. - and a very sensible approach, too - hope the professional generosity of others has reduced the stress levels and the need to re-invent wheels. [​IMG]
  6. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    No SoW for me but it will end up like this. They have one week of theory to give them time to go out and get (or let's face it create) suitable documents for the coursework. Anyone that can't be bothered to do this gets a letter home highlighting they are on target now to fail and head of year informed to try and get them into a subject with 100% exam and off my course.
    I will do nothing but coursework and detentions until the end of Novemeber to nail the 40% for all. They will then be bored out of their minds by rote learning the doyle book and mark schemes for the next 6 months, and will do the spreadsheet around February to split the boredom in half.
  7. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Actually it will probably be Christmas on the coursework with the group I currently have and thenjust crossing my fingers for the rest of the year
  8. Dip,

    I think the OP requires a scheme for 2 - yours seems to be just for you.

    Nice book as the Doyle is, you are lucky to have a bunch of kids who would actually want to and be able to read it; ours wouldn't.
  9. Hi, can I just request any resources or SOWs.
    I've just come out of my NQT and find myself in a department with no HOD and only me and an NQT running ICT.
    We ran OCR last year under the old HOD and had terrible results so we went to WJEC.
    It has certainly been a tough start to the term and I would really appreciate if I see how you experienced with this course run it over the year or over both.
    Any resources/SOW would be a massive help!

    • Before anything make sure you get a copy of the INSET CD from Clare or Ian the WJEC.
    • Use the Folens book for theory, Hodder do one as well but don't make an A2 book.
    • Make sure you are given access by your examinations officer to the www.wjecservices.co.uk secure site, plenty of past papers and mark schemes on there.
    • The coursework has a very simple to follow mark scheme, but don't even attempt to start it until you have received the INSET CD or attended the INSET training so that you can understand fully what the WJEC require, there are a lot of simple mistakes that pupils can make that can cost a lot of marks (e.g. cropping screenshots, coving up the required evidence, copy and paste macros)
    • If your class' spreadsheet skills are a little rusty getting them to follow the Denton Gazette scenario from the Hodder "Advanced projects in Excel" book is a good starting point and teaches most of the skills they need to master
    • Finally make sure you attend the INSET In November/December
  10. Thanks!

    Can people share how they deliver the course.
    I am unsure at what point it would be best to concentrate on Theory, Spreadsheets, Coursework.
    I am currently using the Hodder book to get some theory covered until the Inset on in Oct.
  11. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Nothing but coursework and detentions at the moment until they get a min of 70/80. After that it will be nothing bue the spreadsheet, and then onto all the theory. One top tip I am currently doing is to give them an exercise book in which they write down key words or examples that always appear n the mark schemes. That way I just run quick 10 min quizzes at the start of every lesson so they rote learn the stuff, which is key to exam success. Well as long as WJEC knock out papers that are more "technical" than the one last summer.......
  12. compoit

    compoit New commenter

    We do the theory and spreadsheet from September, finish both for the exam on the 16th January 2012, then coursework. Re-sit lessons in April/May 2012 for those that need it - usually a lot these days!
  13. I agree - put them in for the January exam and then concentrate on coursework until the end of March. A few will get grade A in Jan but most will not.April onwards preperation for the re-sit. I do the same for A2 and results are very good.

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