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WJEC ICT results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by djphillips1408, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Not here to brag its a genuine question. We got fabulous A2 results and shocking AS scores on the exam. Does anyone know if a centre is marked solely by one examiner or now that it's all electronic does an examiner mark some kids from lots of different centres? Had a few dubious ones in the past but turned out to date it's the kids and not the examiners. This time round seems like they all got battered on AS theory
  2. From what I can recall Dai & Noreen said the questions for IT1 are chopped up now and marked by a range of examiners given they're scanned in electronically. IT3 is still marked by one examiner per centre.

    Our IT3 marks are okay, only those kids that were getting Us all the way through did so on the final exam. Our IT4 has been marked down this year for the first time ever in all the time of this spec and previous one. Moderator's report doesn't really help either and looking again at the coursework the decision seems harsh and makes a difference of a grade for a few kids! Might need a re-mark.

    We've been stuffed on IT1 again too! Not sure what more I can do there. The kids have learnt the spec by rote and I've done so much in the way of resources to get them ready for the exam. They all get access to your lecture vids from TeachICT too DJP ;-)

    Interesting that ICT is one of the worst performing A Levels again:


    And in looking at the stats for the other boards WJEC seems more favourable than AQA or OCR.

    What also annoys me is that WJEC have cancelled the CPD events for existing centres in favour of online resources. Now you can't even take issue with them face-to-face and get answers directly.

    Makes me want to ditch A Level ICT in favour of BTEC.
  3. shenn

    shenn New commenter

    I thought it was the other way around as IT3 is scanned in by question but IT1 was not?
    We had our worst IT1 marks ever! We are a girl's selective school and for the last few years have virtually got 100% A grades. This time it was 17%. I have ordered some papers back to check if it is worth a remark.
  4. Similar story with my OCR A2 results.
    None of us will ever get to the bottom of the whole convoluted ridiculous process that is now A level marking and moderation in the UK. It's a mess from top to bottom.
    Student's futures depend upon
    1. Which exam board.
    2. Which moderator
    3. Which teacher
    4. Which remarker.
    Its ridiculous, totally unfair and massively distorts FE / HE in this country and should be taken apart and rebuilt from the bottom up.
  5. Actually I think you're right Shenn, IT3 is the one thats online marked. Confusion all round! Might be worth looking at some IT1 papers then.
  6. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    I concur looks like IT1 is the one that is not yet electronic. I will call a few back but in the past have agreed with what the markers did, just seems odd that we did so very badly - mode was U grade and average D/E borderline. Normally only a little better than that but felt we had prepared a lot better this year. I will be back to this thread in few weeks to let you know outcome either way.
  7. Our paper 1s were as per last year; ditto paper 3. Not great, but not bad.
  8. Similar picture here. For A2: 5 A's, 7B's and 3 C's. All achieved or exceeded their targets so no problems with A2.

    As for AS level students, its a different picture; the coursework (IT2) was good with 14 A's and 3 B's, however IT1 not so good with a couple of B's, lots of C's and D's and even 2 grade E's. For a girls selective this is not good. Last year had lots of A's and B's and a few students achieve 120 UMS on IT1 but no students near this level this year.

    I had 3 students retake the IT1 this summer to squeeze a few more marks out of IT1 but they did not improve. Strangely these students did better on IT3 compared with IT1.

    Best not to worry about it. The students this year were not focused enough anyway so hopefully it will give them the kick up the *** that they need and they can re-sit in January.

    Its not always a good idea to get lots of papers re-marked as it only highlights it to SLT even more. Have them re-sit in Jan and when they get better grades it will all be forgotten.

    I expected the subject nationally to be last (or second to last) compared with other subjects as its always been.
  9. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    I have produced an updated analysis of the WJEC AS and A2 ICT Results History including 2012 - they should be available now or in a short while.
    <u> AS</u>
    <u> A2</u>
  10. SageDerby

    SageDerby New commenter

    Isn't this inevitably the case as, if my college is typical, the candiates are generally weaker?
    In my college - average GCSE points for students doing ICT AS is 5.2, for Business Studies it's 5.4 and for Maths and Science subjects it's over 6.

  11. scruffycat

    scruffycat New commenter

    Thanks for this. As always I do not rote teach students at A2 level as I expect them to start preparing themselves for uni and the exam result shows it compared to AS where I teach them as a GCSE style cohort.

    The old problem teach them like 14 year old's and do well and know they will get into a university and then crash and burn or give them a wake up call before heading out into the real world. But with performance related pay on the horizon should I teach them rote learnt knowledge and no understanding in the future and make sure my pay is protected?

    I do this with an accelerated KS4 group and get almost straight A's compared to C grades for the 17 year old's. This does not make them proficient learners I might add. Perhaps weaker students will always struggle with the format of the written papers without rote learning. Stating the obvious really.

    Able students have no problem with my current independent learning approach just the C/D kids. Which takes me to the million dollar question. Should C/D students be even considering going to university? They just do not have the independent skill set.

    I think I almost agreed with Gove then...
  12. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    It's part of a bigger than ICT question really - but as you've proved above the first time these students get to work independently rather than rote teaching is at A2 and their first taste of independence is failing. How about independent teaching at Y7 (and below), letting them fail and telling them the style of education won't change from Y7 to college and they need to put the work in. It might mean extra sessions at lunchtime, bundles of resources on the VLE to please parents who say "you're leaving my child in the dark", but heck - the grades will at least be realisitic to the child, and slowly they'll improve. It's a 7 year process, the current Y7's need to see the Y11's struggling with the subject (as they do with Maths, Physics etc) to buy into the concept. In the first few years you'll get the "ICT was easier for us" backlash.

  13. My first reaction to this was 'try that next time Ofsted are in'; my second was 'well what is he/she getting paid for then'?

    My third was 'What is rote learning'?

    My lessons involve me in: (for Ofsted purposes) getting the kids to assess prior knowledge, brainstorm (sorry, idea-shower) something to do with the topic (eg identify in groups, uses of ICT in hospitals), discussing the overall topic, pointing out the various definitions they need to know and the destruction of their grades that will follow if they don't learn them and use them only and a discussion of a couple of exam questions. They then have the notes I prepared for each topic which have the exam questions attached and an analysis of the various questions showing when they appeared on past papers. The rest is up to them; no revision classes.

    Is this too much; am I over-preparing them?
  14. scruffycat

    scruffycat New commenter

    yes this is what we do it ticks the boxes and yet the students will struggle as soon as they hit university. Foe the life of me I cannot remember getting the level of scaffolding we give A level students when I were a lad. I at least then was prepared for the independence required for my degree. I was a c grade student some 25 years ago. C grade student coming our of school now would struggle with higher education based on the rich diet we give them and leaves them underprepcared.
  15. shenn

    shenn New commenter

    Well after checking the four papers I got back I reckon they are are under marked between 7-13 marks which is one or two grades difference!
    Up to this cohort I had been very happy with the WJEC marking so maybe this is just a new marker or a total ***!
    It is a pity there are no more standardising meetings as i had built up a good relationship with Dai and I am sure he would have agreed with me.
  16. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    Shenn - Which paper is this IT1 or IT3 - our IT3 paper was a disaster with many E/U but we were up on the IT1 this year.
  17. shenn

    shenn New commenter

    This is IT1 but I have just ordered some IT3 as well to double check them, our IT3 were not bad mainly what I thought they would get, but my students never semm to do as well with IT3 as they do with IT1
  18. If you don't mind, what county are you in as Examiners tend to get scripts from the same area and it maybe useful to know if some of us are in the same area and can also get scripts back to compare with the mark scheme.
  19. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    What India?

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