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WJEC ICT A Level request

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by AyeTea, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. AyeTea

    AyeTea New commenter

    I am delivering this A Level for the first time in September and would really appreciate it if anyone could offer an outline sequence of how best to deliver the theory and coursework units over the two years that they could pass on to me. Any other general tips and pitfalls to avoid would also be gratefully appreciated as no CPD available on these old courses now.
  2. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Simples - do the coursework first, it's easy, monitor the kids progress every lesson, I chuck a spreadsheet of their results up on the projector constantly. Do not accept any work that does not max out the marks. Exam easy (in theory), go through every past paper and get kids to rote learn mark schemes, if you deviate from it slightly you will lose marks.

    You might find my stuff in the teach-ict.com shop to be useful.....

  3. MrIT

    MrIT New commenter

    As above, also don't forget to make the spreadsheet for the exam and teach the kids how to answer the questions in section B. We do this after the coursework is complete. Nice course to teach, and you can get pretty good results as long as they nail the coursework.
  4. Taff187

    Taff187 New commenter

    Example coursework and other useful guides are all available on the WJEC secure site. As the others have said the key to this course is in nailing the coursework. DM if you want more detailed hints on how to avoid dropping some of the coursework marks in error.
  5. AyeTea

    AyeTea New commenter

    Thanks. Seems straightforward enough then. When does the spreadsheet problem get released?
  6. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    There is no spreadsheet problem as such. It's always based around the word 'BUSINESS'. This can include bookings, sales, hires etc. So anything like a DVD hire company using sheets such as Main Menu, Customer table, Product table, Hire table, Input form (hire) and an output for,m like a receipt will do it. Add to that a graph showing hires over a period of time, will complete it. I interview each student and go through what and who they are basing it on. However, as I am in the middle of marking these, it seems many centres have concentrated on giving the students the same scenario in a template format. This is frowned upon by the exam board.
  7. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    So, basically, keep correcting the work until the student gets all of the marks.

    Is this cheating?
  8. Taff187

    Taff187 New commenter

    Like Kathley I also work for the exam board. I've usually gone down the route of some sort of quote/invoice system for the spreadsheet. I know initially it was stated that the scenario would be set, but ever since 2008 its been a 'Business Spreadsheet'. I remember marking them a few years ago and everyone from one centre was about a Porche dealership - clearly the students were all from an affluent area.

    Again if you follow the example on the CPD download you won't go wrong, read the last couple of examiners reports as some odd wording in the questions has cropped up which has confused some students.

    And number the screenshots before the pupils take them into the exam.
  9. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Not that I am aware of, guess you don't teach this course. It goes a little something like this. "Hmm you have scored 8/11 on the basic features section because you have no evidence of X,Y and Z. Please go away and do X,Y and Z" - it's not a controlled assessment.

    AS for the OP when it comes to the spreadsheet section you might find this useful, I made it about 4 years ago and tend to do a teacher's markbook with kids now as out project but videos in the link are very similar to the ideas outlined by others here.


    Oh one more thing I have about 20 copies or so of each of the AS and A2 books by Doyle if anyone wants them. Clearly it will cost a fair bit to post and my Head would like some sort of sensible offer for them. Drop me a line if you are interested dp *at* bordengrammar *dot* kent *dot* sch *dot* uk
  10. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    But it is still coursework. and as such falls under the specific JCQ regulations for that element

    As a very experienced teacher DJ will be following those regulations religiously. But for the sake of others this is from the relevant document(s)

    2 Marking, revision, re-drafting and interim review of work
    2.1 When marking the coursework, teachers/assessors must not give credit in regard to any additional assistance given to candidates beyond that which is described in the specification.

    Teachers/assessors must give details of any additional assistance on the appropriate record form(s).

    Examples would include:
    • having reviewed the candidate’s coursework giving (either to individual candidates or to groups) detailed advice and suggestions as to how the work may be improved in order to meet the assessment criteria;
    • giving detailed indications of errors or omissions which leave the candidate no opportunity for individual initiative;
    • giving advice on specific improvements needed to meet the assessment criteria;
    • providing writing frames specific to the coursework task (e.g. outlines, paragraph headings or section headings);
    • intervening personally to improve the presentation or content of the coursework.
    Before giving additional assistance beyond that which is described in the specification, teachers should ensure that there is provision to record this assistance and take account of it in the marking. (There are a few coursework components in which no additional assistance is allowed.)

    2.2 Candidates are free to revise and re-draft a piece of coursework without teacher involvement before submitting the final piece. Candidates should be advised to spend an appropriate amount of time on the work, commensurate with the marks available.

    So in the instance quoted above you would need to do as dj and other honest staff do i.e. note on the mark document that you have told the student

    "Hmm you have scored 8/11 on the basic features section because you have no evidence of X,Y and Z. Please go away and do X,Y and Z"

    If everyone did this then I would have no problem with coursework and CAs . Unfortunately ......

  11. AyeTea

    AyeTea New commenter

    Thanks for the tips (and the links, DJ, no books needed). Will get a secure login from my EO and look over the support material.

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