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WJEC Home Economics Food and Nutrition...opinions

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by markscarman, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Any food teachers out there running this or considering it?.
    We are currently teaching the OCR spec for HE F&N and the coursework load is as bad as the old Food Tech GCSE if not worse, coupled with the more challenging exam this adds up to quite a headache to deliver!.
    The spec looks a lot ligher on CW and exam doesn't look too bad, but not a lot of exemplar stuff is availale on website.
    Especially intested in anyone in Kent, Sussex, Surrey area looking to share experiences. I have heaps of home ec resources I'm happy to share!.

    Mark Norris

  2. I'm considering it it too for next year. I agree it looks good. I've started the GCSE Catering this year from WJEC and so far I really like the structure so considering the HE. I'm just awaiting e mail reply from the board about if both subjects can be studied by the same pupil if it is put in two seperate option groups. Once I've got the information I'll happily share resources :)


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