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Discussion in 'English' started by ukred, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. ukred

    ukred New commenter

    I am trying to get over the shock concerning the complete change in TES!!! I was attacked in my school five years ago. I haven't worked since.... :-( The school was totally unsupportive and that is what led to most of my problems. Long story, won't bore you. My granddaughter is doing WJEC at school and is panicking so I promised I would help her. I have bought some resources from Amazon before I remembered TES. When I last used TES, everything was free. Teachers were glad to help each other out :-( It makes me so sad to see it all corporate. What have we all become?! Anyway, any help or advice would be appreciated. I've been out of the game so long. Am 61, should have retired last year but the tories stole my pension until I'm 67..... So I can't afford much but will look into all recommendations. I am aiming to plan lessons up to her going back in September.....then supportive ones. They have had loads of different teachers.....
  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    There are other free sites. Try Teachit. Try the WJEc site- are you in Wales? You may need Educas not Wjec.
    I don't know her academic ability but it is imperative that she gains a Grade 4 Language - otherwise she will have to retake. This is the area to concentrate on.
    She also needs at least a Grade 4 Maths.
    No-one really cares if she passes Literature. Except the school, who only really care for their league tables. If they can't teach her properly they deserve to have rotten league tables. (I'm getting bitter and twisted).
    If Language is under control then you can concentrate on Literature. Maybe go over what she has covered in year 10. Go over it in detail; check learning; explain context etc. Check the Assessment Objectives are being met. You have a 60% chance that no-one has explained the AOs, the importance of AOs and how to meet them.
    Students generally tend to struggle with Shakespeare and the nineteenth century novel so these are 2 areas which you need to concentrate on. Sit down and read the text cover to cover word for word. You will need a couple of hours a week to cover everything.
    Good Luck.
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  3. ukred

    ukred New commenter

    I am very grateful for your reply and yes it's Eduqas.
    I've registered again with teachit which I had completely forgotten about and kind of starting to pour oil on to my rusty old brain.
    I am just starting to plan things out. It's actually made me think of maybe volunteering to help some others. I'm not confident enough yet to charge for tutoring or anything but would love to be able to help somehow then I don't feel completely wasted!
    Once again, THANK YOU for being a hand reaching down to help me up.... you have been a big help X
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