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WJEC GCSE results

Discussion in 'English' started by dlsilver, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Please remember that Gove can never be right. He's a politician: he doesn't understand the real world. You're right about UMS points having to be the same. I can't see any board even trying to 'get away with' changing things. As for your AQA comment: the WJEC exams have always been 4 questions covering the same skills every time. It was one of the strengths of the old spec (carried forward into the new spec). Yes, there was a perception that WJEC was easier - it's the main reason we moved from AQA to WJEC a number of years ago - but I think it is actually more about the spec being clearer and more straight forward to deliver than anything else.
  2. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Yes totally agree Arthur. We were with with WJEC as we liked the structure; what students did in their coursework was similar to their exam questions. We have stayed with WJEC with the new syllabus but it is the Shakespeare and poetry unit that seems to be a killer with us. It is taking so much of our teaching time sitting the controlled assessments, all we seem to do in school is supervise kids doing a controlled assessment!! We do not have room in school to put these kids anywhere else but their English classrooms and are not allowed to take them from other lessons, so assessments eat into our teaching time. Surely this was not the intention!
    And as for Gove, he has absolutely no idea about the real world of teaching in a classroom and it is fairly obvious he does not with his regular negative comments about teaching and teachers!!
  3. VeronicAmb

    VeronicAmb Occasional commenter

    That's funny that's the same as me! I was double checking about predicted grades, since all the CA has to be submitted next week and the odd thing was, I looked at my set 1 group and most of them got B's and C's and even one person got a D!! I was so shocked. One thing, is that one of these students are B grade students. They are all A grades, with three of them A* grades. So all of this was confusing for me too.

    Another thing is that I also teach year 10, set 4. And they are D and E grade students but miraculously got C's. And only one person got an E. I just found this very odd indeed.

    I spoke to my HoD and some of her grades from her top set students were the same. I think there is something odd going on with the exam board, but who knows?!

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