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WJEC GCSE results

Discussion in 'English' started by dlsilver, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Just wondering how people's WJEC GCSE results for English Language are looking?
    We got our Unit 1 and Unit 2 marks through today (first year with the board) and they're looking lower than we'd expected...
  2. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Not done Language but some Literature results seem very odd. Three students who are secure C pupils got a D and yet we have two other students who are really weak, lazy and have not given us any work that is anywhere near a C grade and get a C grade. Now they have either had a miraculous improvement in brain power that day or there is something odd with the marking. There is no way they are C grade pupils.
    Anybody else got difference with Literature results as well as Language as poster puts above?
  3. The same for us too. The most noteable difference was with the Foundation group. Students who we expected to get grade Cs got Ds and a couple got E grades. We had a student ( higher) who was predicted a B who got a U in Unit 2, gaining only 3 marks in one task! Very disappointing and disheartening for us and for them!
    Not sure what to expect anymore!
  4. We have received our results today too. I think it's important to remember that what's come in is only 40% of the grades, there's still the coursework to factor in. There are a few surprises in the scores but in most cases this is down to those who did not finish the papers, or perhaps misunderstood the questions. In the past these differences in performance could have been less obvious as we would have only looked at the overall Paper 2 grade more than the separate sections. At least there is a resit opportunity.
    As far as Literature goes, this was done last summer. The results were ok on the whole, there were some pupils who were predicted higher grades than they achieved but when we had another look at their papers, we could clearly see where they went wrong - wrong book, one poem, changing their minds about a question after writing a side, I'm pleased that those who resat have improved the grades, and learned from their mistakes the first time round.
  5. Ours are the same. Don't know what's gone on. We will be buying some exam papers back so we can have a look at the marking of them.
  6. We are too. Higher reading results were lower than we expected. Students who we expected to get Cs for writing, based on our previous experience with WJEC, got Ds and a couple got Es. Is it possible that the marking is tougher with the new spec? I didn't get the impression that this was the case based on info at the meeting.
  7. recliningbuddah

    recliningbuddah New commenter

    Our Lang results are the worst we've ever had - the unit 1 reading was spot-on - in fact some kids got almost full marks in set 4 (predicted C/Ds), but the same kids then got a D on the writing unit - in fact we only got a 7% pass rate on foundation. This is the same at a local school.
    It's an insult to the hard work the staff put in and it's left the pupils and staff completely demoralised and disillusioned by the entire system. I am seriously thinking of switching to AQA at least they're marked on line by a minimum of 2 people, and not by some exhausted teacher who has to manually annotate scripts after a full day's work. PLUS from what I can see they still do the reading and writing in 1 paper - so if you dip on either the reading or the writing part it doesn't matter as the mark are totalled up and you get a UMS on the two. One pupil at our school got 39/40 on Reading and 23/40 on writing, when you do the UMS grade conversion this puts him on a D! On the old system (and the way I understand it on the AQA system) he'd have a solid C.
    Has anyone else looked into AQA? Are my assumptions correct?
  8. I'm interested in this as a parent. My son got A* (dropped only 2 marks on the writing) but got a D on the reading. This seems unbelievable to me. I am a primary teacher so do have some understanding of what he's done but don't understand the differences between exam boards. To me, you can either answer the questions or you can't but is it possible that they haven't been taught how to answer the questions correctly for that exam board?
  9. recliningbuddah

    recliningbuddah New commenter

    "Is it possible that they haven't been taught how to answer the questions correctly for that exam board?"
    In my experience pupils can be trained how to answer questions - there are only 5 types - I've got pupils on the C/D borderline to get almost full marks - timings are essential too of course. if your son has taken WJEC - it's 15 mins per question - first off does he know all this? ie the timings and the 5 question stems? If he doesn't then I've found the pearson workbooks to be really good at helping to get kids trained to the exam - of course at Higher Tier pupils need to be able to infer and deduce. I have also been advised by someone who has just marked if they don't put exactly what's on the mark scheme they can lose marks too. Hope this helps
  10. I did all of this, using lots of practice pieces - one of the reasons why the results are so frustrating!
  11. recliningbuddah

    recliningbuddah New commenter

    Maybe it's down to the final part of my message? If he didn't write the answer exactly as written on the mark scheme he's not been awarded the points?? This is what my colleague's friend who just marked for the WJEC said - I know the exam board were desperate for markers and it makes me wonder just who marked the papers? PLUS the markers send off their first 10 to be checked and then another sample of 10, which the marker picks(!); I only found this out today and I am completely disgusted - how out-dated are the WJEC?!
    You could ask the school to get a copy of the paper and offer to pay? Once you receive it though you won't be able to get it changed - unless you get a re-mark and plus the copy of the paper
  12. You have to pay to get the paper back??????
    Do you get a copy of the mark scheme? Can the school send back a whole set of papers for remarking? Most of his class got Ds when they were predicted As & Bs.

  13. manc

    manc New commenter

    The fact that markers are too dismal to stray from the 'script' is very worrying. It's an English exam, not a game of 'Guess what's in my head'.
    Last January, my school's Unit Ones were marked by Hitler and the Unit Twos by Pol Pot.
    So back we came this January - surely we must have improved in a year...
    And we discover that our Unit One papers have been marked by Genghis Khan, and the Unit Two by General Pinochet.
    The moral - never, ever, ever take a January module with WJEC.
    IGCSE - we love you.....
  14. "is it possible that they haven't been taught how to answer the questions correctly for that exam board?" I don't do this exam board, but find this kind of comment, which I am hearing more and more, very scary. An exam was set and marked by an exam board. It failed to identify an A* standard student. What is more, the board failed to notice that there was a vast discrepancy between different responses BY an A* standard student. The solution? Change the exam? Think about the type of questions that best identify whether skills have been properly learnt? Make sure marking isn't tick box "what's in my head" stuff and actually rewards creative and intelligent responses that maybe think outside the box? Nope. Blame the teachers for not coaching the candidates to all provide the same pat response without thinking. And I'm not having a go at spindrift - I actually had MY exam board feed back to me that I should have taught my entire group to all write the same thing, meaning they would get a high mark for that particular question - but LEARNT NOTHING!!
  15. One of the reasons I rated WJEC was because I believed creativity was rewarded. I thought that valid anwers not on the mark scheme, supported by evidence, were acceptable. I didn't get the impression that anything had changed when I went to the examination meetings. What a shame!
  16. My HOD is a bit disappointed but after doing some number crunching with controlled assessments added in and all weighted according to what each unit is worth, we have a guesstimate that she was more happy with. Other colleagues are disappointed but I'm quite relieved that they seem to have been marked accurately. I can well believe that a lot of our C/D borderline students are D grade: actually, it restores my faith in the marking system, actually. A faith that was further restored by the fact that some got a C for reading and a D for writing - which does seem very appropriate knowing my students. Yes, we also have anomalies and we will get their papers back to analyse what they did wrong along with some general papers so that we have a better understanding of how students do well or mess up.
  17. I don't think I quite got the tone of my first message accross. I have read/ heard other comments about students been coached for certain exam boards. As a parent and a teacher this horrifies me. I wasn't suggesting that my son SHOULD have been coached, more questioning that this COULD be the reason for his low mark.
    My son is a bright lad, you don't get an A* in writing without having a good understanding of the English language. I'm starting to think that the fact that he can think independently and creatively has worked against him.
  18. "I'm starting to think that the fact that he can think independently and creatively has worked against him. " I'm almost certain it has. The feedback we get is "write less", "all write the same thing", "don't use so many examples". It's shocking.
  19. manc

    manc New commenter

    Hear, hear. This sort of mechanistic nonsense is ruining education, and it all stems from an obsession with an 'all must have have prizes' mentality, and target-setting crapulousness that makes UK 'education' a joke........ manc removes megaphone from mouth, and steps down from soapbox
  20. The more I read the more annoyed I'm getting. Even if the D stands, he's been told he'll get an A overall due to his course work but that isn't the point! He has worked really hard and is not a grade D reader. Is there anything at all I can do as a parent?


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