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Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by missbreak, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. French:
    I agree with the comment on the writing marks - I was surprised at the candidates grades. Higher than expected when one candidate who was quite pedestrian in what they wrote got the same mark as a candidate who was far mor creatives and showed a better understanding of the language.
    Speaking marks seem to be the same and reading and listening we as expected based on past papers. So, in spite of the surprises on the higher papers it was ok in the end.
    I was pleased with the results our students got - though was surprised about the wriitng.

  2. Thanks missbreak. I found them after I posted my message! If you find the Raw to uMS conversion table on the website, would you let me know? I will post it on the forum when I find it.
    Thanks al ot again
  3. Hi our Spanish results were particularly low this year and we cannot understand why as we had a great group of students sitting the exams. Our Listening and reading results were very low with many students achieving A*/As on Writing and Speaking and Ds on Listening and reading which does not seem right to me!
  4. It was the same with our Spanish students but if you look at the Raw to UMS conversion table you will see that in order to get a "C" in foundation papers you needed over 80% of the marks. Do you know of any Foundation candidate who can achieve that? It is a disgrace.
  5. Unbelievable - especially when in other subjects C grade is below 50%!
  6. Same for us. The department is very upset with the listening marks in Spanish and the very tight boundaries - the list of grade Ds were quite shocking and I teach in a selective school where we give them a listening homework every week. Such a shame. As with other posters you have students who have achieved 10 A*s and then an A in Spanish. We always have a negative residual - I cannot see the day when this will change - maybe in a couple of years time when resits will not be allowed in sciences etc. I feel MFL depts are so hard working and we're always trying to up our numbers at KS5 but you always get a slap in the face on results day - other departments have achieved 100% A*/A and a lot of their lessons are 'get on with your coursework lads' grrrrrrrrrr.

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