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WJEC GCSE Lang & Lit

Discussion in 'English' started by sunflower48, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    I understand that students who are taking GCSE English Lanugage have to be entered for the English Literature. However, if I have some students who I need to target to ensure they get their Language, can I just enter them and they not actually take the examination? What is everyone else doing in this situation?
  2. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Sorry that sounds confusing!! I meant to say can I just enter them for Literature and they not actually take the examination. Their focus will be on the Language.
  3. as far as i'm aware they just have to be entered for lit, they don't actually have to sit the exam etc etc etc. farcical.
  4. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Yes looked at all possibilities. The English only controlled assessment include the Shakespeare and poetry and they struggled with this. Shakespeare is not a controlled assessment for the English Language though. But then they have to do spoken language controlled assessment for English Language and not English.

    I think I will stick with the English Language and enter for Lit and they don't do it. Does anyone else know about submitting the controlled assessment? These students are predicted F and will struggle reading the play and text for the Lit Unit 2 examination anyway. I would rather them have another shot at the Language unit 1 and 2 and let them have some exam skills instead of focusing on the two texts which they can't access without a great deal of support.
  5. According to the WJEC 'a minority may not be entered for English Lit'. They would not clarify when asked what they meant by this minority but I have taken it to mean those with long term absence or just too weak to actually sit this exam. In my school we are looking at a handful of students in the lowest set. Why would you pay to enter a student for an exam you are not preparing them for and you know they are not going to sit? I agree that you should focus on the Language instead. The WJEC do stipulate that they must however cover Shakespeare somewhere in KS4.
  6. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    delilah's right. If they do Lang and do not do CA for Shakespeare they must do it in the exam. Depends on the class but I would prefer to enter them for English only as the exam is pretty much half of what it was last year. Having a group doing each, I am actually quite please with the results of the Shakespeare CA although it's beyond me why they have to link it to the poetry...


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