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wjec gcse german scheme of work? or french?!! pleeease help!

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by blondio, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. blondio

    blondio New commenter


    I've written 6 schemes of work in last 4 days - any chance anyone can help me out with this one? I'm going quietly insane!


    my email is: ericandern@hotmail.co.uk


  2. me too. i'm getting mad at all the changes for KS3 4 and 5. It's been non stop writing schemes of work and i'm so far behind with all of them. If anyone has any GCSE WJEC SOWS ready-made i'll be really happy to exchange any resource. please email on
  3. Salut!
    If you've written lots of SoW for French GCSE and the Welsh board, any chance you could send me a copy, for inspiration! I am a MFL/Eng teacher in a special school and although we tend to deliver what the main stream school dictates to us, Ofsted would prefer if we had our own syllabus too for long-term medical referrals. The Welsh board for KS4 has been recommended so this is my 1st attempt at trying to get help with paperwork (SoW0 resources, assessment etc...it needs to be in place as from yesterday...quelle vie)
    Au secours!
    Tres reconnaissante de votre aide ou d'autres qui viendraient a lire ce message
    email address on request, merci

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