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WJEC GCSE Drama - any feedback, please?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by jencros, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. I was just thinking the same thing! Thank you so much!
  2. You are an absolute star- thank you so much!

    Hope you have a lovely end to your holidays- you've certainly made mine a little less stressful!

  3. Not a problem, glad if it helped. Good luck everyone, I really hope it all works out for all of you!
  4. Can I ask just one final question? Are the 'practical' elements assessed by a visiting examiner? If so, how does it work? Thanks in advance.x
  5. The WJEC specification is available online from the WJEC website, and makes the assessment methods quite clear, I think. I believe that's probably your next step - it answered many such questions for me.
  6. In Unit 1, you video the performance of each devised piece and you give each pupil a series of marks against criteria. These are then moderated (you send them all off, but they are looking at a specific sample alongside written work).

    In Unit 2 it is a scripted piece, totally assessed by visiting examiner, usually coming in April/May.

    In both cases they are not really assessed on practical developments/rehearsal/devising; they are are assessed on final performance.
  7. Hi, first time commenting and do find the info so useful. After nearly losing all my confidence in my teaching abilities last year - Edexcel - we moved to WJEC for our yr 10's. We completed our current cohort at the time on Edexcel and whilst we now seem to know what we are doing in unit 1 & 2 , we appear after 15 years to be incompetent in unit 3, with some of our best students ever getting the lowest marks we have ever seen.
    So ... We begin yr 11 WJEC, however I noticed someones saying Daisyslot had good resources and support on tes. I have found many of these but only a sheet to log marks relating to WJEC. Can anyone guide me to the right spot?
  8. Hi it was called GCSE Drama Handbook, but I now can't track it down on here, so maybe she has taken it off - perhaps to make improvements. I expect if you message her on here, she will let you know. She was very helpful when I messaged her.
  9. NikiQatar

    NikiQatar New commenter

    Cant wait to start WJEC with year 10. Had an absolute gutsful with EDEXCEL. Although we managed to get 5 A's out of a small class of 13 ( we are an international school, so we don't get a huge uptake), I still cannot believe how low we were marked for unit 3. After 7 years of teaching, obtaining after 4 years, a BA (hons) Drama teaching degree, 2 years of performing arts national BTEC, A Level Drama and Theatre studies, GCSE drama, seeing countless productions it seems that I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and have no idea that what an A* student looks like as the people in EDEXCEL see them as C grades. Hopefully WJEC will see the potential in my kids. If not then I am clearly in the wrong profession. Sorry for the rant, but I have had it. Bring on WJEC. I have had nothing but positive feedback about them.
  10. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Thanks - Good to hear. It's not exactly enough for an early retirement but I quite enjoy the process of working with an editor on feedback and learn a lot about presentation. They make things I've written look especially nice!
  11. That's great! Can you post here when you've put it back on - I'd hate to miss it! Thanks a lot.
  12. Unicorntheatre

    Unicorntheatre New commenter

    I work at the Unicorn Theatre in London - just saw this conversation and thought I'd let you know that we have a production of <u>D</u><u>r</u> Korczak's Example coming up aimed at KS3 & 4 students. Its running from mid Sep-mid Nov, more information on our website www.unicorntheatre.com
    I've also just uploaded a teacher resource pack to accompany the production, with info on the historical context, creative process and also some suggested lesson plans to explore the world of the piece.
    So if anyone is London based and looking at the text with their students it might be worth a visit!

  13. Thanks, actually rang up today to get hold of tickets for our Yr 11s as I saw in your mailing of your programme of events it was on. However, it does say in that that it is aimed at ages 11-13, which is not really KS4 like you say now. Would have been better to put 11-16 to get the full range. But anyway, looking forward to it!
  14. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    WJEC GCSE Drama Handbook - on resources now under my user name.

    Do give me any feedback or points for improvement.
  15. Unicorntheatre

    Unicorntheatre New commenter

    That's great that you've got tickets. I think when we first went to print with the show information we were just aiming it at 11-13 year olds, but then as it was rehearsed it was decided that actually it was appropriate for older students too - particularly GCSE...so some of our materials might still only say 11-13...sorry, bit confusing I know!
    We're running a teacher CPD day for the show on Thu 20th Sep 4.30-6.30 here at the Unicorn if you're interested - working through potential drama activities to explore the ideas and themes in the show so that teachers can take them back and use them with their students. Its normally &pound;55 but as its quite soon I could book you in for free...
    I've also just uploaded the teacher resource pack to the TES resources page.
    Can I ask the name of your school?
    Many thanks,

  16. Just stumbled across this whole thread - so glad I did! Very reassuring to know I'm not alone and that there's so much help out there too. Thank you so much for the fab resources! I am so much calmer now and can see a light at the end of the tunnel!
    Good luck everyone, and congrats on surviving the first week or so back!
  17. Just putting a comment here to put this thread back on the first pages of the forum as it has a lot of helpful comments written last year when people started the annual "am I doing the right exam board" questioning! Lots of helpful WJEC comments to read.

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