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WJEC french scheme of work

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by casserole, May 30, 2008.

  1. I am changing Boards this year and will be using WJEC for my A' french students. Any ideas on resources i could use or kind of scheme of work to cater for new syllabus. should i start teaching region or film in first year to prepare for second year?? Help greatly appreciated

  2. blondio

    blondio New commenter

    I have a scheme of work that I created for my school this year - I will happily forward it to you if you send your email - it does not take account of the changes intended for this September but the topics and resources might be ok for you as a starting point. Elan 1 do a WJEC Study guide which looks quite good about £7 each and come with a CD.
  3. Thanks Blondio, I would be grateful to receive it. my email is moo1954@yahoo.com.
    Thanks again
  4. blondio

    blondio New commenter

    You've got mail!
  5. We are going welsh as well
    Could you send me a copy of your scheme please?
  6. blondio

    blondio New commenter

    You have mail too! Hope they help- have them in French, German and Spanish too. Like I said will need a bit of revision due to changes!
  7. Please can I have a copy too, French and German. Thanks!
  8. Hi,

    we recently got a new HOD and has decided to change all languages boards to WJEC, we are a bit worried because none of us have any experience with it, it would be of great help for us to have a Scheme of Work on that board, since we have to produce 1 for the 4th of July.

    Could you please send a German and a Spanish one to my email address, I would be eternally grateful



  9. blondio

    blondio New commenter

    Hi - I've sent them by email today so you should all have them now!
    Casserole I'm really sorry, I have no idea how to reformat the attachment. We have the latest Word, maybe that is why you can't open it??
    I will put one in the post if you want to email me your address?
  10. blondio

    blondio New commenter

    Have tried to resend using the old word 97-2003 - let me know if that helps!
  11. suzannegoodwin1

    suzannegoodwin1 New commenter

    Hi I am also doing the WJEC board and was wondering if I could have a copy of your schemes of work for all three languages???
    I was alos wondering if you have any decent resources or critical guides or could tell me where to find them for La Haine and Manon des Sources for the guided option and oral expose for yr 13 as we have no resources at all
    Thanks Suzanne
  12. Hi Blondio

    We have just changed to the Welsh Board too and would love to receive a copy of your French scheme of work. We would be happy to send you copies of resources in return. Thanks! Millbrooklinda
  13. blondio

    blondio New commenter

    Suzannegodwin1 - I'll need you email address to send them - that's no bother!
    Onewelshlad and Millbrooklinda you should have mail!
  14. Merci mille fois, Blondio!!! Diolch yn fawr!
  15. Blondio, you are a gem!!

    Thanks for the scheme and the oral sheets. Pretty extensive and well thought through. I love your front page!!! you must have time on your hand !I am meeting colleagues from the surrounding colleges and we will be talking about the WJEC.

  16. Could i trouble you for a copy of your French SIOW too Blondio?
    Its meloatley@yahoo.co.uk. Much appreciated.

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