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WJEC exam today- what do we think?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by dianaprince, May 17, 2011.

  1. Sorry, Google Chrome- no paragraphs
  2. I thought paper overall was a fair one. Mine were also flummoxed by secular, I have to say that I am was surprised to see the idea of secularism as a 4 mark statement question as I am unsure how pupils could respond in terms of believers agreeing or disagreeing. It will be interesting to see what they were expecting?
  3. I've not seen it either due to our exam's officer being pedantic but from what i have gleened (is that spelt right?) from the students is that the secular one through a few of them. Some of the weaker ones were flummoxed by a symbols / worship one? However most seemed to like the relationships section. Haven't heard anything about is it fair or our world. Will have to wait until I see the paper tomorrow and will ask my tutor group, half of whom sat the exam!
  4. I liked the paper as did most of my pupils. I felt it was much more accessible to pupils than last year's and some questions had been on previous years - so glad I used the Chief Examiner's past papers in my revision lessons! The evaluation questions on Is it Fair and Our World will stretch them though.
  5. Realtionships question was brilliant, secular question I think is unfair- it is not a word a 14/15 year old would understand and it is not on the spec as something they need to know.
    I am disappointed that there were no afterlife/ funeral questions on looking for meaning.

    Also what were the pictures on heaven/hell and afterllife doing on the Our World stimulus sheet?

  6. I had not noticed the pictures until you said, is it because of the question about soul maybe?
    I agree about the secular question, I had used the term with mine in an activity about whether religion is still important because specification does include the question what is the value of religion in a secular society? but they did not make the connection. I really don't think that question gave my pupils any opportunity to show any of their knowledge, no knowledge of any religious beliefs would help them answer that question?
    I was also disappointed about lack of funeral rites, I had really made sure my pupils could answer on that topic and would not be thrown by term 'rites', because I was sure it would be there! Never mind!
    I still feel overall it was a good paper, and speaking to my pupils I think most will have done ok. Hopefully I will still feel like that after the Examiners Meeting! And on results day!
  7. My lot hadn't noticed the wrong pictures - shows how much they paid attention! (should I be worried about this?) They too were disappointed about the lack of funeral rites - in fact there was nothing about life after death at all - I wonder if this is the way this unit is moving - to a more philosophical basis?
    Apart from that (having now read the paper), I like the relationships section as it seems very fair and straightforward; the 'd' question on is it fair might throw some as it asks for only 1 religious point of view and I like the our world section apart from the evaluation question which could throw some of those who haven't made the connection to what they have studied.
    Will have to wait until results day to see how they do. annamallene, let us know if they mention anything about the wrong pictures at the meeting. Roll on religion & human experience paper a week on Friday!
  8. I am actually quite cross about the secular question. I know it is only one quetsion, but so many kids are coming to see me to say how it through them and what will happen to their mark etc. I think because I emphasised how important it was to do well on every question!
    It is just totally not in their normal vocab, we are that kind of school. Grrrr.
  9. Have just checked the Specification and the Teachers Guide again and it does say in both that pupils have to consider the place of religious faith in a secular society. I agree it's not a word pupils would normally use but its there in the Spec.

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