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WJEC Entry Level Media

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by ruby o, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. I did it as joint course with AQA entry level 3 years ago - they fitted together well but the spec of one or both may have changed. Overall, I liked it and the students seemed to enjoy the activities on the whole.
    I found the restrictions a little tricky - we were only allowed to submit a small number of tasks, 4 I think, but they needed to fulfil quite a number criteria which was rather a challenge.
    There is a textbook for it that I found quite useful - Mandy Esseen, grey cover (sorry, it's at school)
    I'm not sure I've got much left from it - moved rooms + had a clear out, but I'll have a look next week + get back to you if I find anything useful.
  2. Oh thanks for that. Probably going to go for WJEC now as they have been very helpful and I think the course would suit our kids. Just glad Ive made the decision tbh.....now for some training

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