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WJEC English literature A level

Discussion in 'English' started by pearle, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. pearle

    pearle New commenter

    Hi I'm teaching this board for the first time and would appreciate any recommendations of good texts to teach: e.g well liked by pupils/success with results. Also, can anyone recommend some good accompanying teaching resources?
  2. aspiringteacher95

    aspiringteacher95 New commenter

    I have no experience with this exam board... but text wise I could help?

    I think David Copperfield goes down well with everyone... alongside A Streetcar Named Desire - I have yet to fine ANYONE that hates that text - isn't Blanche just characterised so amazingly?

    Also, Heaney & Sheers poetry is great! I'm very fond of Plath... not too much Hughes. Stay away from CHAUCER!!!!! I don't think I know any student who enjoys studying him... I'm sure this is but. You can;t go wrong with Donne, or Milton.

    Your Shakespeare option is the best... by far of any of the exam boards. King Lear goes down well as they enjoy his journey towards becoming a Tragc Hero, same for Antony and Cleo! Cleopatra mostly seems to come out on top in students opinions (also the easiest to analyse language wise, I think). The Tempest is good too!

    Do you have any idea what you are going to teach?

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