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wjec english lit teachers current year 10

Discussion in 'English' started by clairey27, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hi just a quick question to anyone teaching WJEC GCSE literature, I am just checking something, on the mark scheme for lit, for a c or higher grade. I am sure there are requirements for pupils to analyse the context of a text on the marks scheme, so am I right is saying they should be analysing the context of a text in their essays? I am a little confused, as I thought this was correct, yet another teacher in my department has told our class that I am wrong. It is in the mark scheme, so I'm sure it isn't wrong, but if I'm wrong, I'd rather know.

    Thanks for your help.

    Clairey x
  2. The AO4 section seems to be saying that the text has to seen in context and pupils need a 'clear grasp of social/cultural and historical context' for Band 3 and 'be able to comment on importance of social/cultural and historical contexts' for Band 4. I think they do need to be able to show understanding of the context with reference to the text, ie how Candy represents the old in 1930's America and it is in the mark scheme. It is called 'Different Cultures Prose' or am I being too literal.
    It could be your collegue is wary of the pupils writing a long historical passage about the context and not relating it to the text, who knows but I am teaching the need to relate Section A questions to the context.
    Good Luck


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