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WJEC English Language GCSE Results

Discussion in 'English' started by TessDurbeyfield, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. TessDurbeyfield

    TessDurbeyfield New commenter

    We have picked up inconsistency in marks/ grades between papers 1 and 2. Grade boundaries appear to have been lowered but we have a large number of pupils who have up to 3 grade difference between paper 1 and paper 2. We will probably select a sample for remarking. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
  2. ravenmoon

    ravenmoon New commenter

    We have had the same thing. 25% of our Higher tier Writing Paper got U grades and the rest of the results are all over the place. Also some very random Reading grades, but not as bad, although still lower than we expected.

    We've requested a lot for a re-Mark and were told if enough of them are shown to be 3 or more out, they'll re-Mark them all for free. I've also requested about 20 PDF copies of the papers, so we can see if we agree with the marking.

    Our hope is they have been marked incorrectly as a bunch. So fraustrating and disappointing!
  3. peetyswie

    peetyswie New commenter

    Hi both, we have tad very similar problems. It seems as though our students have achieved much lower on unit 1, compared to unit 2. We've looked at what marks were given on each question and it is shocking!! A grade students have been given 1/2/3 marks out of 10 on Q1 and Q2! These students therefore have a U on this unit and therefore a grade D overall. These are the same students who are gaining A and B grades in all other units, including the Literature exam.

    We are in the process of appealing and requesting a re-mark.

    Which area of the UK are you guys?

    We are Leics.
  4. FastEddie2

    FastEddie2 New commenter


    We are in the North West and have had exactly the same issue.

    Our unit 1 marks are unexpectedly low and seemingly all over the place (many A grade pupils gaining an average of 3-4 marks per question) but there is massive disparity between unit 1 and 2. We have fifty-odd pupils from a cohort of less than 200 whose unit 2 grade is between two and four grades *lower* than their unit 1 grade. There is little logic to the rest of the grades. Again, we're talking about pupils for whom we were predicting As and Bs based on mock exams and internal data achieving anywhere between a D and a U for unit 2. The inconsistency spans the whole ability range though.

    Literature grades are also significantly higher than Language overall.

    We're obviously really concerned and frustrated and have started the process of requesting a re-mark with an initial sample of twenty.
  5. Hi All,

    We've experienced exactly the same: A grade students getting 2/3 marks on some questions in unit 1 and A* students getting 12/13 for unit 2. Looking at the grades online there doesn't seem to be any logic to the marks. I've requested a number of scripts to check the marking and asked for a number to be remarked. Very frustrated!
  6. So, we have now seen a sample of 5 papers from unit 1 and unit 2 and disagree with the marks allocated. We looked at three Q1s (speeches) from unit 2 and they have been all allocated the exact same mark (7+5) and given the same comment even though they are clearly different in tone, content and technical accuracy. Looking at the cohort as a whole it appears that the marker has used the band 3 criteria for almost all of the papers. Out of the 140 students who entered the higher paper, 120 scored between 10 and 13 for each question. The remaining students - 16 scored lower and only 4 scored the higher grades.

    Unit 2 is almost too inconsistent to explain. However, I will give one example - Q3 (language) A student has written a side of A4 that ranges across the text identifying a number of different language features AND explains the effect on the reader using technical vocabulary. An answer that, as a department, we would have given 6-7 was given 3. There are many other examples like this.

    Has anyone else found anything similar?
  7. We are a school in the North West experiencing the same issues. Out of 113 candidates, only 2 managed to score 10/10 on only one question - last year the number of pupils was 29 managing full marks on at least one question. Staffing and teaching have remained consistent and historically we do really well on unit 1. even though the grade boundaries were lowered, it has massively affected our a/a* pupils as these low scores are coupled with low writing marks. We had got used to wjec awarding ridiculously stingy marks and the highest scoring writing piece was 16 this year. We have requested re-marks and written to wjec to request that they investigate the marking of our unit 1 for the higher tier pupils (foundation tier marking seemed more consistent.)
  8. Facetious

    Facetious New commenter

    My son's marks showed a similar problem ( we are in the North West). He got a D in that first paper but As in everything else. He's not especially bothered as he only needed C or above for his apprenticeship but, with me being an English teacher, my curiosity was piqued. Our department has just changed to AQA from Edexcel. It does make me wonder, with this marking inconsistency, why WJEC are so popular.

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