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WJEC English 2010 - what the ...?

Discussion in 'English' started by weezadance1, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. weezadance1

    weezadance1 New commenter

    WJEC English New Spec
    I, unfortunately, missed a meeting, and despite being given the spec and notes, I do not really understand the new syllabus.
    Can anyone give me a user friendly, easy to understand guide to the changes and the requirements?
    I feel very stupid, and have asked so many times it is embarrassing but if anyone can show me a guide designed for bottom set Yr 10 about what the course looks like, what the units are about etc I would be extremely grateful.
  2. I have just written a 'quick look' guide with students in mind. Leave an email address if you want a copy.
  3. weezadance1

    weezadance1 New commenter

  4. Hopefully, you have mail.
  5. Hi I'm the new English teacher at a PRU and am unfamiliar with wjec and as I am the only English teacher there I could really use some help. Could you please email me a copy to courtney.moore10@gmail.com. Also do you have any advice on what the year 11s should be doing on the old specification?
  6. PML79

    PML79 New commenter


    Yes please ArthurDent.
  7. You both have mail.
  8. Could I please get one as well? I would really appreciate it.

  9. Hi,
    May I have a copy of your WJEC guide please. I've just got a new post in a school that follows this board and I've never taught it before. My email is s-skyrme@sky.com


  10. Here you go:

  11. Mel, will try and get the doucments to you in the next few days.

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