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WJEC/Eduqas new A-level business 2015

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by danlee, May 25, 2015.

  1. danlee

    danlee New commenter


    I have nearly finished writing the SOW for component two of this spec and is it me or is the amount of content huge compared to previous spec - i'm coming from AQA. I have worked out 30 lessons for the HR topic which seems massive.

    Has anybody done a SOW for it? I would be interested to see timings including long term plan.

  2. Totally80s

    Totally80s New commenter

    I've looked at my rough mapping of the old spec to the new spec. For the old spec HR was mostly covered in Y12 in the BS2 unit. For the new spec it also includes content moved down from the old Y13 BS4 unit such as employee relations, unions etc.

    Totting up the hours I have about 6 weeks worth so your 30 hours worth is on the money.
  3. chick112

    chick112 New commenter


    Is anyone kindly able to send me their sow for the new wjec AS Business course, I am currently on maternity leave and will be going straight back into it and finding it so difficult trying to get my head round new spec with a baby lol

    Many thanks if anyone can show me the sow so I have something to go off.

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