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WJEC Controlled Assessment URGENT HELP

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by liamwills206, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Hi all

    due to being brow beaten I changed to the WJEC syllabus, but have had difficulty due to having no training and/or standardisation courses. My pupils are struggling to cope with the controlled assessment for the open endedness of the task.

    the task we are doing involves assessing three businesses (one large two small) and their marketing strategies. I have asked the pupils to do the following

    Secondary research to assess issues such as location, marketing strategies, financial information (particularly for the larger business)

    Questionnaires to be used at all three stores, one for the manager and a selection of customers - these are to assess areas such as promotion awareness, pricing strategies used etc.

    Any other relevant primary research e.g. photographs of products, promotions etc.

    I have the exemplars, so what they need to be writing isn't too much of a concern. Could you just advise me whether or not this is the best way forward, or do I need to be getting the pupils to provide more.

  2. I have used WJEC for some time and their ca are very straight forward, the questionnaires are very useful and can be the main part of your primary research, if you can arrange a visit this will help and your pupils can collect leaflets, price lists and take photos.

    I would also contact the subject officer as I did and got good advice and what is expected, he also offered to look at my guidance sheet to see if it is suitable. The exemplars on the secure site were also very helpful
  3. Hi,

    is everyone doing edexcel applied business studies. i need help for unit 1 controlled assessment. any resources

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