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WJEC Controlled Assessment Tasks?

Discussion in 'English' started by prawnstar, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Hello - we have just switched exam boards last minute after a number of issues with the previous one. As we are wating for the secure site log in to come through, I wondered if anyone had the controlled assessment tasks for English 2013 and English Language/Literature 2014?
    It would be a massive help with planning.

  2. Received. Thanks, Neil!
  3. SarahReed

    SarahReed New commenter

    Hi would some mind e-mailing this to me? I'd be ever so grateful ! Thanks Charlies_angel57@hotmail.com

  4. We are also waiting for our log ins from WJEC - if anyone could send me the CA tasks I would be eternally greatful :)


    Thank you
  5. I would also be grateful if someone could send me the WJEC tasks for 2014. Waiting for log in details takes an age!




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