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WJEC Business Studies Controlled Assessment 2016

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by alicerae, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. alicerae

    alicerae New commenter

    Just preparing my SoW for CA this Autumn term. I am going for the promotion and pricing strategies task. Not sure how to go about primary research for this one i.e. students are expected to produce graphs to analyse. Think I am on the right track in getting the students to ask the small businesses about their pricing strategies but not sure about a questionnaire for the public to answer. Any suggestions?
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  2. sue.patt

    sue.patt New commenter

  3. sue.patt

    sue.patt New commenter

    Hello alicerae,

    I'm just finishing the research element. My students asked the businesses about their pricing and promotion strategies.

    For their questionnaires they have asked what people think of the strategies. For instance, they have asked whether people have used the websites and what they think of them. Other questions include what people think of the point of sale displays or shop window displays. They can do a sliding scale of responses for these type of questions. They can then create a chart of the answers which they can refer to.

    Hope that helps.
  4. ballmst

    ballmst New commenter

    Hi. We are do the stakeholder impact question regarding a new development (retail park). We have had the manager in, visited the park and questioned shoppers. Also went out onto the local high street to ask if they had seen a decline etc. We have graphs, tally charts, web research including newspaper articles. (Them not me ). My concern is last year moderator commented that sample was very too similar. Did anyone else get similar feedback. My input was call up and arranging the visit and driving the mini bus and a brain storm exercise at the start of the research. Regards confused of North Wales.

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