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WJEC AS results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by hoof_hearted, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. hoof_hearted

    hoof_hearted New commenter

    Any good? Mine weren't!
  2. ccroyle

    ccroyle New commenter

    What are you doing with your results - they shouldn't be released until tomorrow?
  3. hoof_hearted

    hoof_hearted New commenter

    Schools got them yesterday and share with hods at heads discretion
  4. If you read previous threads you'll see that the IT1 results are always poor with the average result being an E. Of the 50 pupils I put in the majority got a 'U' grade, though with most of my pupils only targeted an E or D grade overall for the year the results weren't unexpected.
    However, I was pleased with the IT3 results with most pupils on target, though the IT3 exam I felt was much easier. If you look at the Jan exam as a practice run for the June exam then it gives the pupils an idea of what to expect, doesn't help that we run a vocational KS4 course, putting the pupils at a disadvantage against those who follow the traditional GCSE route.
  5. I am also at a loss. The day before the exam, we went over several past papers, and 4 of the questions we covered virtually came up in the exam, particularly the one about databases - different scenario but the exact same question. My students all answered the questions fine. I saw them after the exam and they came out very confident. We went over the paper, and from what they were saying there answers were fine......they all got U's. I am devastated and so are they! I have also asked for the papers back.
  6. I'm also devistated not for myself, but for my students. I had many sitting the paper for the third time, and the grades were terrible.
    Like a previous poster I'd used the Item Level Data to find the weakest points of the previous papers, created a scheme to ensure the understanding was clear on those points as well as thorough sessions on past papers and ALL theory.
    Previously had papers re-marked, no change. Papers returned and used by all students, no change.
    I'm seriously thinking of moving board, but as a centre offering the course through welsh we're stuck with WJEC. My figures wanting to follow the course next year are very low (8), compared to 20+ normally.
    WJEC have lost their vision, the blame lays at the door of the team leading the course and the lack of support and clarity. It's a shame as WJEC used to be a leader, we followed AQA previously and that was a nightmare. A clear-out at Western Avenue is called for methinks!
    Best of luck trying to get the "machine" to change their ways or even admint they are indeed wrong! I've given up on that!
  7. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Oh well, got my 2 A2 scripts back from kids that "no way on earth" could have got an E and a U grade, and guess what marker was right and they just wrote drivel or did not read the question. Annoying thing was that as both knew the dbase question would be rubbish they went for the MIS one instead and had a mare on that instead, still bottom line it's not the marker's fault and I thought it was. Still interesting to note the dramatic correlation between the mark scheme and the Doyle text, which is something I will haev to focus on more in future.
  8. compoit

    compoit New commenter

    WJEC have lost their vision, the blame lays at the door of the team leading the course and the lack of support and clarity. It's a shame as WJEC used to be a leader, we followed AQA previously and that was a nightmare. A clear-out at Western Avenue is called for methinks!

    Couldn't agree more about the team leading the course, they really have lost the plot. Our results are disgraceful again, 45% grade U - can't wait to get the papers back. Got to start looking for another board.[​IMG]

  9. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    I am not really convinced that you can blame the team there, I have been at AQA for many years and it was always the same there too. Switching boards is not the answer, you just have to learn how to play the game correctly and that game involves the Doyle book quite clearly and an element of rote learning. I do get the impression that some of the questions are a little "open" at times and so kids can write down some valid points and not get the credit from the mark scheme if it does not match up. For example on the A2 paper there was a question that asks about to be a good MIS what features would you need. You can get marks for accuracy of data input (in the Doyle text and a valid point) but not for data being up-to date (not in Doyle text but equally as valid IMO). I would imagine most of my kids could have gone up a handful of marks (max 10/80) as they had valid points not on the mark scheme, but therein lies the rub of should I put in for a remark on that basis?
  10. shenn

    shenn New commenter

    Agree totally all boards are equally as bad/good and it is learning what they are looking for and then teaching this
    I would say that WJEC are generally better than AQA used to be in accepting answers not exactly the same as on their mark schemes, obviously there are some issues like what they want for a definition of mail merge
    I had my best results ever in January, I have an accelerated Year 11 class and got 13 A grades and 1 B
    Does anyone have an electronic version of teh mark scheme as it is not on the website they can email me at d AT mrhennessey DOT com
  11. The mark scheme is on the secure site at wjecservices.co.uk. They have not used the standard naming convention as everyone else has so it appears out of order at the top of the list - well it is an ICT MS!

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