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WJEC AS Psychology results, anyone want to share?

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by mortymoo, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Hmm, mine were the worst results I have ever had in my 5 years of teaching. i am seriously wondering if I should continue with this board given how poorly my students did. I shall be getting some papers back, but I am very very disappointed. It was my strongest group ever and most of them failed.
    How did everyone else do?
  2. Hmm, mine were the worst results I have ever had in my 5 years of teaching. i am seriously wondering if I should continue with this board given how poorly my students did. I shall be getting some papers back, but I am very very disappointed. It was my strongest group ever and most of them failed.
    How did everyone else do?
  3. Judging by what you have said Morty, my lot must have done OK - that is those on the new spec PY1 only. I didnt sit any PY2 obviously.
    I was not " happy" with the results but they all passed. that is the first time ever I have had a group manage that. I usually get some U grades on a Jan sit.
    I had a lot of d grades , all falling short of C by between 2 and 5 marks. I had a b and several c grades and a couple of e grades.
    I would have expected a couple of the c graders to be b grades ( but as I say they were within 3 marks of the grade boundary) and the b was a mark off an a!
    Overall 100% pass with about 20% on a b the majority on c or d and 5% on e. The e grades were ESL students. I haven't ESL students before. I was pleasantly surprised they passed especially given they have only been in England since September.
    I dont know what to think. I can only do as you are doing and get the papers back and see where the marks got lost. I suspect it was on maybe one or two questions - like methodology?
    They are all resitting.
    Compared with BSC last year these are good results . I am going to try and find out BSC's resit results over the weekend, it should make interesting comparison.

    I am going to struggle though with the pY2 core studies paper. I know I am. Too much content and not enough time.

  4. This was our first year with WJEC and things have not gone well. We changed from AQA (A)as we thought it would benefit our students. We only sat PY1 but apart from 2 B's and small cluster of C's the rest were D, E and far too many U's... gutted.
  5. I am wondering how general this is. Those on the AQA thread here are moaning about the same thing and I know the OCR e group have made similar comments on their student performances.
  6. we are also a little disappointed with our results. Many of our best students got 2 or 3 grades lower than we would have expected whilst some of our much weaker students did suprisingly well. We are a little confused to say the least. far too many U grades for our liking but some of every grade, although like others, too many Cs and lower. I suppose that the students had only been studying psychology for 1 term and i am hoping that they will improve when re sitting.
  7. Does anyone know the grade boundaries?
  8. maybe we all need to get scripts back, scan them and compare them to see what it is that makes an answer a certain grade?
    I have to say I am hard pressed , knowing the standard of English my ESL's have to accept that they got passes - even E grades whilst my best students only got B or C grades . Thats no better than BSC where the standard of English is much lower and the ability level was also much lower.
    I dont know how I can improve some of the grades further as I dont know where they went wrong. They all sat in the same class. they are all of more or less equal ability , yet there were mega differences in what they got on the paper. I did what should not be done. I schooled them all by rote so they all should have given the same answers.
    OK so my " best" kids did get better results but not the top grade. I have yet to get a student who achieves an A on this paper. One mark off an A yes, two or three times.
    I want to know what an A grade answer/ paper looks like. Anyone got one? I'll send you the money to retrieve it from WJEC and send me a copy.
  9. These are as I have them - grades
    32 = e
    40 = d
    48 = c
    56 = b
    64 = a

  10. Thanks for that... now begins the post-mortem!
  11. Well...this was our first set of WJEC results. The word I would use to describe them is "weird". Is there a pattern emerging here? Not that many Us, I'm pleased to say, but very few As and not that many Bs either. Modal grade is D with C and then E not far behind. Quite a long "tail" then, but the relatively low number of Us is strange. We have at least 20 excellent students who 24 hours ago I would have said would get stick-on grade As; they've all got B, which in itself I find a bit dodgy - it's not as if they melted down in the exam and ended up with a D, E or U. Like *******, I'm genuinely left wondering how our students can get a grade A - the small number who did can't tell me; those who came out of the exam convinced they'd done well are left disappointed and a bit disaffected. I don't think this is the normal level of discontent after disappointing results - it feels like something's not right. To cap it all, we've had annoying students all day saying stuff like, "well my mate does AQA and s/he got..." It took WJEC until this afternoon to get the grade boundaries onto the website. Anyway, we've already had a couple of dozen students paying for return of scripts, which should enlighten us no end. I just hope that WJEC are quicker to respond to such requests than AQA.
    Despite everything, I still say the WJEC spec is more interesting than AQA's offering - that is why we switched and I'm sticking to that.
  12. I too like the WJEC spec . However, I have to say adding in the methodology in psy1 and the additional material to questions in psy 2 has made it less engaging to teach as I am pushing it now just to get the material in.
    The trouble is, I have to admit that I have never really been able to hit A's on AQA to the level that others have claimed. I dont know why.
    Also, whilst OCR has in the past been " easy" at AS and yeilded damn good grades , their A2 is much harder and the overall grade has usually been much lower.
    At least in the last two years with WJEC, what students got at AS and A2 was more or less of equal difficulty and that has reflected in final grades.
    That said I have had A grade students in the past end up with B on WJEC.
    I think what you say rob might suggest a pattern. It rings with my results anyway.
  13. I am reassured by what people are saying as it is my first year with WJEC. I wondered if it was me getting it badly wrong as although I felt that they were not a good group, I might have expected Cs rather than the Es they came out with for the best.
    I am not confident for the summer; perhaps they have been conservative on the first cohort of the new examination and things will even out then when the whole cohort sit.
  14. I dont think anyone is confident for the summer on this performance. I was happier last year when I had more students who failed! At least they came in across the board as predicted. This year my borderline A graders have picked up C ( -2 marks from B , who grade lower than they should have). If they had got B I would have been happy . But I only got one girl ( a clear A grade who got a clear B). Most of them got D - they should have go C really. OK so they all passed. maybe I should be grateful for small mercies?
    But I need to get results. I put them on this board for consistent marking, straightforward questions ( that is what WJEC promised) and a good chance of results.
    Its no use making the excuse that they were marking hard for January sits . That means those who sit in June get the benefit of looser marking but my kids have to pay to resit ( to what? Put in the same performance and get a grade higher?) That should not be.
    I did something wrong. I am a rubbish teacher because ( lets face it) I have not taught to the top grades. I dont know what I have to teach to. I have nothing other than the mark scheme to guide me ( and I followed that to the letter.)
    The only consolation I have dear friends , is that given the performances listed here, you are all rubbish teachers too[​IMG] ( said very tongue in cheek) because none of you did much or even any better than I did.
    Which begs the question - how the hell can that be across so many centres and with so many different abilities and lots of different teachers?
  15. "those who came out of the exam convinced they'd done well are left disappointed and a bit disaffected. I don't think this is the normal level of discontent after disappointing results - it feels like somethings not right. To cap it all, we've had annoying students all day saying stuff like, "well my mate does AQA and s/he got...""
    Yes, this is about right. My students came out confident. I had expected to be honest a lot of A, B and C grades with just a couple of D and E - and a couple of U grades ( the ESL's). I was really expecting good results and re sits just for a few. Instead they are all having to re sit.
    I am in a top independent school here and the kids are used to work, and to getting the grades for that work.
    I beginning to feel something is not quite right. That said, I think AQA are B*ggering around especially with AQA A spec to make it look good! I think that they may have made it an easy sit for Jan so that people like you and me who swung off them ( they lost a lost of centres is my word off the street) . Hence their many A grades in some cases ( and teachers saying that they have never had so many A grades on a paper ....... that and the others who are saying its a disaster - so lots of AQA consistency there then? But their easy marking is making the rest of us look extra bad.
    That doesnt explain the long tail grades though and good students dropping to C and D grades.
    OCR seem to be having the long tail of WJEC and they too have teachers complaining.
    But I am sure my kids should have done well on this paper. I have done it before ( OK so the spec was slightly different in terms of ONE question). The kids shouldnt have gone down like this. As Morty said, this is the strongest group I have ever had too.
    Whats buzzing me now is I have to deal with parental complaints. I already have e mails in this weekend from as far away as Hong Kong ( parents living out there) and Afghanistan and Iraq. Thats without those phone calls from concerned parents locally. I have to answer them all. There is a parents evening next week and I know they will all be there asking the same questions. The kids have told their parents and I have to justify it all. I cant. I dont know what went wrong. I dont know why they have C instead of B or D instead of C.
    I would like to ask WJEC to give the answers actually. They owe it given we have all done the same.
    PY 2 is going to be a disaster. I know it. I dont have a revision document of any kind to even send them home Easter with at the moment. I have spent so much time just finding the resources. I have no time for exam prep and question answering prep.
    Sorry to rant on. I am really worried. I think this could cost me my job. I made a big mistake trusting WJEC.
    I think WJEC who have a good reputation usually have either bitten off more than they can chew with large of centres joining them or they simply do not know what they are doing.
  16. Of course it is possible I have done something very wrong. If I have, then I will put my hand up and say, I think I would have got it wrong on the methodology question . But that leaves me asking what they actually wanted as an answer for that question
    Given the grade boundaries , it would only take one screwed up question to drop those grades as they did.
    Of course that does not bode well for paper 2 where there are two changes to the questions and I have double the opportunity to have got it totally and way wrong.

  17. The grade boundaries for Unit 1:

    A = 64
    B = 56
    C = 48
    D = 40
    E = 32

    Hope this helps. :)
  18. *******... I changed to WJEC for the same reasons as you as I was never real able to get the top grades with AQA. I thought I knew what the board wanted from the students but now I, too, am feeling very confused. My one guaranteed A grade (an Oxbridge potential) only managed a C while some of the weaker students (some with a target grade of E) also managed a C. Out of a cohort of 55 I got 16 U's which is awful.
    Have other centres found similar problems and have WJEC replied? I was sure that the move to WJEC was the right choice and I still think it's a better spec than the old and new AQA(A) spec.
    I refuse to admit that it's because I'm a bad teacher... perhaps just a steep learning curve.
  19. I left OCR because I was unhappy with the marking, I've just got papers back from WJEC and I am unhappy with the marking. I guess I am paranoid too.
  20. No, absolutely not in my case actually. I had been teaching OCR and there were several reasons for moving.
    a) I found the students did not engage with death by a thousand studies.
    b) I found the Investigations paper marking was very lax and it was much harder to do well on the other papers.
    c) I found a big gap between the AS level and the A2 level and some of my ( many) lower ability kids could not reach the A" and thus they took a drop from a B or C at AS to a D grade at A2 and that was upsetting because you couldnt predict the final grades easily.
    d) I didnt like the assignment section of the A2 which did seem to be very hit and miss in marking.
    e) I actually caught the board out - they were marking inconsistently and I was able to prove that when I had two sets of students in two schools fifty miles apart. I got scripts back from both and the marking on the one school was way out with marking from the other.
    I simply didnt like the board, so I left.
    I taught AQA many years ago. AQA have always been notorious for inconsistent marking and when I was forced back into their fold ( having moved to NEAB and then AQA amalgamating the AEB with them) I moved to OCR. I had always found AQA specifications were hard for my students who came from a particular background to gain the necessary marks on AQA. AQA specialises in key words and phrases. I often had difficulty getting my students to use those. I moved to a board which benefited them, not for myself.
    I didnt have bad results with OCR although I never got the hang of how the assignment was marked - some years the kids flew through it with flying colours, others using similar materials and approach, the got really bad marks and I had to get the kids to max out marks at AS to cover the shortfall at A2.
    I went to WJEC when it first came out. I didnt just move because it was a marginal board and I am whinging, not complaining - call it reflection if you like. I moved because I liked the look of the specification. I liked the content. I liked the logical way it hung together and I liked the clear question format which would benefit my student cohorts. This is my third AS year going through now. It is like everyone else my first on the new specification ( some changes were made from the old one ).
    With WJEC I have had two years of predictable and good results. I did think I knew and understood this board and could hit the targets successfully.
    The Jan sits seem to be out of kilter with my past experience of WJEC. I haven't got papers back yet _ I hope to have them back soon ( I only work part time so I dont get on top of things like the full timers)
    I am not complaining about my results. I am asking why there doesnt appear to be differentiation at the top end and how I hit the marks for an A instead of a B because most of the results are a couple of marks lower than the grade boundary.
    I am not alone in saying what I am saying, so why am I paranoid and not others? Indeed I am the only one willing to trust the marking and say it is in the new questions and not having sufficient resources and guidance to hit the top grades.
    I am only suggesting AQA have been marking leniently this round because the AQA teachers themselves are saying this. They have had an abundance of A's on this first paper ( I bet they pay for it on the next one though!) . That said AQA are still up to their tricks on the other papers. Most AQA teachers seem unhappy with that. Why dont you go and tell them they are paranoid?
    I am unhappy but its not paranoia. Its because WJEC have not kept to their promise and seem to be straying from the original concept of their specification.
    Like all teachers I am under pressure to get results. I dont believe I will get it swapping to AQA!
    But I do need WJEC to sort this out. I know they have increased their number of students and centres in Psychology A level ex potentially. That may be having some effect too ( conjecture).
    I dont consider WJEC to be a marginal board . In fact for where I live they would be considered a major board and are quite widely used even if not big in Psychology yet - although one of the biggest colleges in the area have turned over to them just as I have.

    So whose mouthpiece are you? First post here and you have to make these comments directly to me when nearly all of us are saying the same thing?
    But to reiterate, you are wrong in your comments about my reasons for moving.

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