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WJEC AS ICT - advice required

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by dbate29, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm starting a new job this week, and am by default delivering WJEC AS ICT. The timetable split means that I'm teaching the group for 4 lessons per fortnight and a colleague has them for 5. Is it viable, do you think, for me to successfully cover Unit 1 in that time and my colleague Unit 2, bearing in mind the 30%/20% marks split?
    Advice of any sort would be much appreciated.
  2. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    The coursework element may count for 40% of the marks but less time shold be allocated to it as it is really very easy. I allocate all my lessons to it from day 1 and get it out of the way by mid november. If you want guidance/resources I have some stuff on teach-ICT.com

    As a school we don't let the kids do AS exams in the January window

  3. Not too sure that I can agree with djp on this one (probably a great comfort to him).

    The coursework isn't difficult (it's simple, in fact) but it can take quite a long time to produce depending on your experience and the kids independence and willingness to work. Just the necessary document gathering can take weeks if your kids are a**holes. There are ways to streamline the coursework process but I make my little s*&^s do as much as possible for themselves

    The theory part is very time consuming due to the epic size of the syllabus and the fact that kids have to make their own spreadsheets and learn how to robotically describe them using the correct rubric.

    Myself, I'd go for 4 lessons a fortnight on the practical and let your colleague do the 5 on theory. If you don't know that syllabus backwards and have really good knowledge of the little idiosyncrasies of the mark schemes plus the ability to engage the kids in dealing with them, they will bomb - be warned. But do unit 2 and you'll have a relaxing time doing the practical while your colleague is tearing her hair out - do yourself a favour.

    Any combination where you are both teaching a unit is potentially disastrous. Do you trust your colleague? Can you rely on him not to offload the blame for a **** outcome on you? Will you end up doing all the teaching and work? Steer clear of all that nonsense.

    Contact Ian at WJEC and ask for all the supporting materials that the board has produced - that will make your life a lot easier - P/Ps on how the coursework works, how it's marked and exemplars plus past papers.
  4. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    I wouldn't say the IT2 practical paper is easy, care has to be taken when completing it otherwise marks will fly out of the window, especially if the kids aren't prepared to work. You will need to spend a lot of time on IT1 as NJB says the syllabus is far too large and widespread. It does get better in IT3. We used to do the January exam but found we were getting very poor results, trying the A2's this time.
  5. I am responsible for teaching unit 1 and I have the students for 2 hours a week and they have the other teacher for 3 hours a week for unit 2.
    We get good results with that structure and the students take the exam in May/June
    If you need any help or resources I have plenty as I've been doing this course for 4 years now, so have a good bank. Just send me your email address and what you would like resources on and I'll send them on. I do have a few of my presentions on teach-ict
  6. Hi there,

    I just happened to stumble across your post and wondered if you wouldn't mind sending me some resources for IT1 and IT2. I've just started teaching the WJEC syllabus this term and feeling a little overwhelmed! It'd be great to get some ideas from someone who's had some experience.

    My email address is: Claire.e.lawatgmail.com

    Thanks so much in advance,

  7. Hi

    We have always delivered focused on the Jan exam so complete IT01 by Christmas. Since the exam can only be taken in June, I wonder if you can share with me your delivery plan for each topic/unit for the year for AS and A2 please?

    My email is yakuzarov at gmail dot com

    Thanks if you can help,


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