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WJEC AS French question

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by MalcolmBreem, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Would a student answering the Welsh version of the paper be penalised for answering the translation section in English rather than Welsh. I don't see why they should be, but I was just wondering?
  2. Ah, okay thank you for replying.

    I'll admit I'm not really a teacher, but I'm a student that did this paper and I answered the translation in such a manner. :p
    I emailed WJEC before the exam and they said it would be okay. I suppose I'm just overly paranoid and worried. I suppose it must be alright if they said so.

    I didn't find the listening too bad, but yes I thought it was quite a strange choice of topic. The bit where the woman was advising "Inspirez par le nez. Expirez par la bouche" made me laugh.

    I personally find the main problem with WJEC's French papers is that the answers expected in the reading comprehension are too vague and difficult to find. Sometimes I think I'd struggle to get the answers they wanted even if the passage were in English! This paper seemed a but better in this respect though, so I was quite happy with that.
  3. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    Eehee, a student working their way through on the tes, good on you! [​IMG] Glad you manage to laugh at your exam, if you read other threads, you'll find that the rest of us are rather ready to cry...
  4. Haha, I like browsing TES. It's an interesting insight. Also, if my teachers aren't bothered to make use of resources other teachers have kindly shared, than I might as well go and find them myself. =P
    And yes, I get the feeling lots of other students in my class wanted to cry. My friends who did the GCSE weren't too amused with their paper either. It sounded horrendous.

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