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WJEC AS Contemporaty Society- disappointed

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by cecr, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. felt really confident with this course- interesting,accessible, relevant. However , grades are at least one/ two below predicted.Ethics was other paper and that was spot on. some students with an A on ethics paper and an E on CS???? same techniques,ability, level of understanding.

    Baffled. Anyone else finding this?
  2. felt really confident with this course- interesting,accessible, relevant. However , grades are at least one/ two below predicted.Ethics was other paper and that was spot on. some students with an A on ethics paper and an E on CS???? same techniques,ability, level of understanding.

    Baffled. Anyone else finding this?
  3. thebishop

    thebishop New commenter

    Same for me! One of my students who is undoubtedly an A student, only managed a C. I'm going to have a post-morten when I get back to school next week, but this is totally different to how things went last year.
  4. <u></u>
    Well I'm glad I'm not the only one ! 14 students with A grades on their Hinduism paper had Es D and Cs on the Contemporary Society paper which really doesn't make sense to me at all. I'm going to recall some papers to see what has gone on both with what they've written and the Markscheme and how the levels have been applied.
  5. Hi
    Sorry for late reply. I'm nqt and solo specialist, teaching new A level. I therefore had first lot go through this year but really only ended up with 3 of 8 as have lost majority to apprenticeships worried about tuition fees. Anyway mine did cs at christmas , both predicted c's, one got c, one got A, other a D predicted a D. They then did Hinduism this summer and swapped, the one who got c for Cs got an A and vice versa.. So they got B overall nd are continuing. D still got a D. I have to say i'm pleased as i'm so new to this. Thanks for all the help i've had on here, Lisa you saved me!

    So I only have 2 for A2 and only 3, 50 minute lessons a week, if anyone has any helpful resources I'd be really grateful. Hopefully there will be a student book for hinduism for xmas as otherwise i'll be panicking!

    I'm happy to share my stuff please just shout but as I said no expert! Good luck with your review and for next year,


  6. This is really reassuring,thanks so much for your responses. Rather than recalling papers, i'm going to get the 'batch ' remarked. This gives WJEC a chance to look over papers which appear inconsistent with teacher judgement and previous performance. Obviously gives the kids the best chance of getting a mark which reflects their efforts more accurately.
    Lisa SJ,as far as i know, if you recall the papers(as in get the scripts back) then the kids cannot get upgraded even if the marking is flawed. Remarked = totting up marks to see if calculations are correct. Re-examined = another examiner assesses papers. I'm going for the latter as with so many E's the only way is up!
    We were all set to take ths CS unit into A2 but if there are going to be teething problems on the assessment side I'd rather abandon it now.

    I'll write to Tudor Thomas expressing concerns on Monday. There are power in numbers so I suggest anyone else facing the same problems does the same. Feel free to PM me via tes profile.

    Enjoy your weekends!
  7. https://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/WJEC-Debate-Should-the-Burqa-be-banned-in-Britain-6096604/

    got some stuff relating to CS As/A2 on tes resources. also on www. restuff.co.uk. just search Wjec contemporary.

    can't help with hindusim, but anything you need with CS ,we'll keep this thread going as a little support group!

    cheers, coll

  8. Supportgroup sounds great and thanks for the pointers,
    good luck with your remark


  9. Sorry to hear that was the case for you. Have you spoken to the students about how they felt the paper went?

    My students did ok on this paper (there was the usual mix) and performed in a similar manner in their Buddhism paper.

    Those that didn't do as well appeared to have mis-answered the euthanasia question which focussed in on the 'FOR' arguments of euthanasia's legality, and they'd written a 'for and against' which seemed to have cost them alot of marks.

    I know its expensive but getting them checked through the exam board's 'Enquiry about Results' (EAR) system is really the only way to get a proper idea of whether the assessment was 'fair' or not.

    I've had issues with various things with different boards in my 30 plus years of this job and I have to say, to be fair, that WJEC is more transparent than any of the others that I've been with. They may not be perfect but they are approachable and I've found the INSET's a good place to discuss my issues with their examiners. (I won't tell you about a less helpful experience I had with a certain chief from OCR.......)

    Anyhow's, I hope you get a straight answer to your question - the pressures we face in school's these days to get results are no laughing matter and its important that we can trust the integrity of our exam board to give our students a fair deal.
  10. Hi Emma, sent back some scripts and a couple went up by a grade. have decided to ditch the Contempoary and go with Ethics at A2. the text book is available for free via your examinations officer.Like you the middle east content was very difficult to make accessible. Would whole heartedly recommend switching to Ethics, nothingyou've done up to now is a waste as they can use it in the synoptic.- we're looking at (3) Just War & (4) Medical Ethics- applied stuff really appeals to our students. Can send you on everything I've got with that so far.
    Also, going on Pater Vardy's student conference on Dec 2nd in London? candle conference is website- looks great, very reasonable.
    its really hard feeling stuck- have a look at the ethics booklet, it might be a good move:)

  11. Ah thank you I'll certainly have a look at ethics. RE has been droppen for Alevel from next year even though I'd gone up to 10 students, so now just want to finish the year.. it's all been a bit demoralising at the moment. I've got the candidate book so we'll go from there - see if they can do some research!
    Short course is now going and option RE so I'm going to be teaching GCSE RE to everyone, one 50 minute lesson a week over 3 years! All such a shame but hard to argue with on my own against the government!!

    Anyway thanks again for all your support with the Alevel :)

    ps very glad the remark meant some of yours got the right grade..

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