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WJEC AS & A2 ICt Results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by NotJohnBrown, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Ours were the best ever this year.
    How about you?
  2. Ours were the best ever this year.
    How about you?
  3. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Disappointed but not surprised. A2 results were pretty much as predicted, but the AS ones were not great, will be interesting to get a couple of scripts back to double check on why they were predominantly CDE (with 3 Us from 23 kids) as it seemed a pretty straightforward paper, but I would wager that my advice to rote learn mark schemes was avoided. Still good news was that the coursework grades went unaltered and that it is easy to pick up 100% on both pieces now IF they put the hours in.....
  4. Ours were terrible at AS, in fact our worst ever, but pleased to see others did so well.
    A2 were fine, broadly as expected, with a couple of A* and 100% pass.
    For AS however, coursework marks were fine, but the exam marks were abysmal (55% of our students got a U).
    Thats our worst ever result by a LONG WAY..
    Was feeling pretty gutted the other day, as we were expecting the result to be a lot better, especially considering the paper wasn't too bad either. Some shock results as well, with students getting C'c in other subjects and getting an E or U in ICT. My predicted grades (which are usually pretty accurate) were mostly a grade above what the students ended up with... and I'm left wondering what went wrong.
    As I was there when the students picked up their results I just kept getting asked what was wrong with the exam result. We have a lot of predicted E/D grade students, who tend to do 'reasonably' well on coursework (which BTW had a E grade boundary of 42/80), but do struggle to write well, so it may be that they just wrote drivel. The top end students managed to get A's and B's, but the mid/bottom end totally dropped out.
    Getting some of the more peculiar scripts back to see if there are any anomolies....it's easy to blame the marking but I'll reserve my judgement.
  5. Ours were poorer than expected as well; much the same as your experience. The really bad news is that our SMT has decided to pull the plug on the AS altogether and focus on BTEC.
  6. Ours were very good and have been consistently for the past three years. Cohort of 12 and most achieved an A in the exam and coursework - 3 Bs and a D. Predicted grades mainly C or D. WJEC ICT has a higher value added than any other subject at our school. Did you try getting back some exam papers to find out what went wrong? I got a copy of the D grade's script and the student hadn't answered the questions very well - the marking was fair.

  7. Previous post related to AS results by the way!

  8. We have got some photocopied scripts coming back to check up, and I am 95% certain we will find it has been marked fine, but there are so many very strange anomalies that we at least need to check (as you would).
    Students who are predicted a B and answering questions superbly in class, getting D and E in the exam... as my colleague put it they would have had to forget everything they had learned during the year and have a lobotomy.....but that just might be the case.
    Like I say, I'll reserve judgement. We started with WJEC three years ago and got fantastic results. Last year were okay,, but this year, well who knows what happened at the moment.
    We have discussed what we will do aout it and have a strategy to tackle the problem next year .....but there is still that 5% looking at the exam results and shaking my head... some VERY strange results. We thought we had really tightened up this year...
    Interesting to note that WJEC lost more than 8% of their candidates for ICT this year. They are in line with the national average for ICT so someone is obviously getting good results.
    Oh and I'm talking about AS - A2 have been consistently fine, a little dissapointing this year also, but no real issues.
  9. compoit

    compoit New commenter

    Got our results today, AS were shocking with over 70% getting a U. A2 was better but still well below other subjects. Can't wait for the Inset day in October.
  10. Sorry to be a bit stupid but which inset? I was looking to find the best session to go to but not sure which one will cover the exam so I can get some advice. Seems we need all the help we can get.
  11. compoit

    compoit New commenter

    If you go on the WJEC website (GCE - ICT) and click on courses (top right) , there are various dates and venues during September and October. Really useful.
  12. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    After poor results in Jan, I created notes based on the mark schemes. Students grades in it1 improved dramatically, a couple of kids went from U to A!
  13. shenn

    shenn New commenter

    I created a revision guide based on the mark schemes and our results improved so much so that we got all A grades in IT1 even with students who target grade was a D who scored 106/120
    Some of my lazier students said they only used the revision guide!
  14. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    It is a joke. Success depends on a students ability to regurgitate confusing and often incorrect mark schemes. Students going from fails to a's and understanding little more. Ict is a mess I am in no doubt of that. Tes need to run an article.
  15. Thanks for that, I must have been looking in the wrong place.

    We also edited revision notes, but much too late I think. We had a good set of notes already, but rewrote them to match inconsistencies between Mark schemes.

    We will be better prepared this year ( I already thought we were, we have loads of excellent resources written around the spec), and we have since cross referenced all our notes and tightened them up to ensure all answers have been allowed on all Mark schemes. see if it helps.
  16. Isn't that education in general though? Learn past questions and mark schemes, then repeat?

    Just got to play the game, surely there's no point in worrying about 'education' as long as we have targets and league tables?
  17. So true. I was going to make a very similar comment myself, but figured we were essentially saying that without saying it.
    Heaven forbid a student actually comes up with a creative answer and is allowed to think for themselves. I tell them they can think through the problem, use their past knowledge, join up their thinking and come up with an excellent well thought answer to the problem. And as long as their answer matches the one that the exam board has decided is acceptable in their secret meeting then they will get the marks.
  18. compoit

    compoit New commenter

    I fully agree with the last few comments about learning the past question/answers and the mark scheme. In the past we have always tried to 'teach' ICT but have failed miserably, the only way to get good figures in terms of high grades and pass rates is to do the above. However, I am concerned about individual markers interpretation of the mark scheme when looking at a candidates paper, we have seen many different interpretations of the same answer. In all fairness WJEC have always been prepared to listen and take into account other peoples opinions on the mark scheme at the meeting, the problem is the interpretation afterwards.
    I also feel the AS theory syllabus is far to broad, covering too many topics, it's down to a case of second guessing what the questions are going to be based on in the exam.
    Looking at the computing theory paper, this is far more logical in the questioning technique and consequently, far better answered. Leaf and book come to mind!
  19. Hi guys,
    My OCR result were good for my A2 students but my AS students all fell short of their predicted grades.
    We have been toying with the idea of moving to WJEC and I have finally got the go ahead to run it from this coming September.
    I was wondering if any of you guys had any resources to help me get started - I've been reading and re-reading through the spec and have been given examplar materials but if any help with the delivering of the course would be a MASSIVE help.

  20. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    And woe betide me for placing a link to something that costs a few quid after dumping that lot in the resource bank for nothing, but oh well I shall, come on nohistorygirl or one of your numerous other monikers that you post with show the moderators your wrath that you seemed to have towards anything that I post one here for a good few years now.....


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