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WJEC applied science 2016 - Free login to online AQA science resource

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by robjgriff, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. robjgriff

    robjgriff New commenter

    I regularly post free science resources on TES from my site science-gcse.co.uk

    I was hoping some of you guys might be able to help me. I've inherited a science department in a PRU for children with emotional problems. They have lacked any direction to date and I need to get some SOW together double quick. I started in Sept and they have announced an inspection in 3 weeks. Teaching is brilliant but I need some paperwork double quick.

    Would any WJEC or EDQUAS teachers be willing to share a SOW which I could then tweek. I can offer free access to my website in return and will give you full credit.

    The website 'thinkie' has hundreds of beautifully illustrated pages all linked to thousands of videos and practice questions. Its usually £299 and designed with AQA in mind. All your students will also be able to log in and revise at home.

    Fair trade?

    Rob - info@science-gcse.co.uk / 07570824085

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