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Discussion in 'English' started by sunflower48, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    English Language needs controlled assessments for descriptive, narrative, Of Mice & Men (or whatever your choice is) and spoken language and three speaking and listening assessments in group, drama and individual (but these are called something different but mean same thing) Examinations are for reading and writing.
    To do Language you have to do Literature and achieve a G+ grade, they have controlled assessment in Shakespeare/poetry link. Examinations in Of Mice and Men (or similar text) and unseen poetry Another exam is one contemporary text and one literary heritage text from the list provided by WJEC.
    And then there is English only syllabus as well.
  2. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    I'm teaching both at the moment and I get very confused! Yr 11 are AQA and 10 are WJEC.
  3. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    I'm not surprised you are confused, we are and we only have one board to get our heads around.
    Grouch did you see post on Whole School Literacy I posted. I wanted to know how you work out the reading age of a science text?
  4. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    SMOG. There's a thread on SMOGging somewhere. I use an online tool, but I have it bookmarked on my school computer. The longer the extract you enter, the more accurate the RA - 100 words or so gives the most accurate result. I spoke to their science teacher who said, quite rightly, that a lot of the long words are names, but that doesn't actually make them any easier to read.
    I have also SMOGged all our English novels and 'Two Weeks with the Queen' which I use for my low ability Yr 7s comes out at 11, which really surprised me. Most of the kids I teach are between 5 and 8.
  5. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Thanks grouch. Would you be able to post the online tool please. I have just googled SMOG and got Online-Utility website. I typed in a paragraph from Shadow by Michael Morpurgo, it came out as a readability of 6.53 years. Is this the website you have used. It am interested in this especially for whole school literacy so would appreciate any feedback you give. Thanks

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