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WJEC A2 French literature

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mediodia, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Dear colleagues,
    I am considering the option of teaching 'L'Etranger' Camus, 'Le Silence de la Mer' Vercors, or 'Boule de Suif et autres contes de guerre' Maupassant, as an introduction to literature to A2 students following the WJEC syllabus.
    I am only starting to look into my options, but having taught A2 for a year and a half, getting by with teaching films, I am aware of the difficulties I might face with getting students reading depending on the calibre of students that September may bring.
    So far, I think that 'L'Etranger' is more accessible from the point of view of the standard of French to be read, ties in with 'La Haine' on the topic of racism, as my students will be studying 'La Haine'.
    'Le Silence de la Mer' is quite short, which is encouraging for students, and could provide with an interesting variety of topics linked with WW2.
    I like 'Boule de Suif' but the language is more difficult.
    If you have taught any of these books to A2 students, or if you have taught any of the other books on the WJEC syllabus with success, please let me know of your opinions and experience.
    Thank you.
  2. steveglover

    steveglover New commenter

    On www.alevelfrench.com there are full page by page vocab lists, summary (gapped), questions for each chapter, contextualised grammar exercises and oral/written exam help. Although they are pay for they will save you an immense amount of time; there is also a teaching guide suggesting how to "pace" the reading and useful links. The books covered are L'étranger, Le silence de la mer and Le blé en herbe. I have contemplated covering Boule de Suif but can't excited about it although I am aware of all the history side. Personally I think Le blé en herbe is very much underated by schools.
    I can send you a username and password to have a look at the exercise types if you 're interested.
  3. We do Camus as well, with La Haine as Film. It is a nice combination, ties in without overlapping and by far the most accessible book from the list! (I still find it amazing that they have Sartre, who we never asked to even just consider looking at when I did my Bac L! Bless them...)
  4. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    L'Etranger is an excellent book and works well. It also happens to be a very important piece of literature with which young people would do well to be acquainted.
    If you are interested, I did a guide to teaching lit at A-level.
  5. Thank you for the tips everyone. It sounds like a good idea to check the 'alevelfrench.com' website. Yes, if you are able to 'lend' me a password to check the website out, I would be very interested!
    And thank you spsmith45 for the link to your guide.
  6. claudette_marsaud

    claudette_marsaud New commenter

    At the WJEC feeback meeting last November the chief examiner for the guided studies section of the FN4 paper recommended Le Silence de la Mer as the ideal novel: short, and a limited number of characters to have to worry about.
  7. steveglover

    steveglover New commenter

    Is that when WJEC examiners were giving "helpful" advice-bet they wouldn't say that now :)
    Got that on alevelfrench.com too. Beautifully atmospheric almost poetic work.
  8. steveglover

    steveglover New commenter

    Full set of resources for Boule de suif et autres nouvelles is now available on alevelfrench.com I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and am sure there must be lots of copies of it knocking around in stock cupboards.


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