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WJEC A Level Results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by johnbrown, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. As a Welsh person, I’ve always favoured the Welsh board but have come to the conclusion that I have no alternative but change. After two years of very poor results in the theory modules I’ve had enough! It broke my heart to see two of my students gaining a D overall and missing out on their Uni places who on the old spec would have gained As without a problem. I feel I owe it to future students to switch.
  2. "very few could give a sensible use for a command line interface, or a real use for a GUI." the report says. Well if that is true, then the teachers are rubbish. How can pupils not know this? It's clearly in the specification. Why weren't they taught this? Teachers have been coming on here, moaning about this and moaning about that. Look. Read the specification. WJEC have done their job. Why aren't you doing yours? Right, I'm off. Got to read the specification for the OCR A Level Computing course, who we are moving to from WJEC.
  3. "Command line is used for experienced users of computers. It is used instead of a GUI as it is quicker for experienced users to quickly type in a command. A disadvantage is that the user has to remember the commands or else they can not use it. Novice users would find it hard to use. Command lines can be used to find and run a program."

    Not a model answer - but hey we are talking 16 year olds. Not exactly what I taught, . How many marks then?
  4. ccroyle

    ccroyle New commenter

    Thanks Stodgey.
    Nice one muddypie.
    weaver_fish: er.. was it more than 0? Go on give us a clue!

    IT Examiner's Report
    <font size="3" face="Arial">
  5. I thnk we all need to keep a cool head over this - a change now would bring new difficulties and I would warrant, results that would be even worse.
    I thought the summer paper was too difficult with 2-3 new types of question - really a step too far in terms of challenge on what is a very wide syllabus which has to be taught in too little time (I get 1.5 hrs per week for my theory, including the Spreadsheet).
    I've read the examiners' report and I found it astonishing how many centres appeared to be failing to take advantage of the get-out-of-jail-free card that the Coursework represents - let's put it this way - my pass rate for the exam was 60%ish (in my defence, our intake is **** and other members of staff got less than 30%) but our OVERALL PASS RATE was 80+%.
    But yes, the situation is Dai-abolical (oh please yourselves).
  6. But yes, the situation is Dai-abolical (oh please yourselves).

    Brilliant - on a Friday too.
  7. I agree with johnbrown. (Never thought I'd say that). Look at the overall ICT stats on the JCQ website and those for OCR and AQA. At AS there is not much difference with WJEC but at A2 you may be surprised.
    Can anyone point me to the CCEA stats I can't find them online?
  8. WJEC Moderators have really messed up this year. They have marked down many centres. Last year, my coursework was praised, to quote, the moderator typed on their moderation report, "centre fully understands marking criteria and it is evident that internal moderation is carried out", we received 'accurate' for all strands of this coursework. This year, having followed the same format and same teachers, we were ripped apart and our marks adjusted by as many as 10 marks e.g. a student achieved 78 marks and was awarded 66 UMS points. Ian Carey conveniently has been in meetings all week and has not responded to my email. So who is exactly moderating this coursework? As for the marking of IT1, as an experienced teacher, I am very concerned with the quality of marking e.g. benefits of a network are being able to have an intranet and sharing resources, able to centrally back up data and to apply software upgrades were all marked incorrect.... bit of worry isn't! I have lots of queries and I will be talking to Noreen and co at the next WJEC Inset Meeting next month!
  9. We have every right to complain! Teachers read the specification and apply it rigidly. We then 'pay' to receive the exam scripts, post exam results, and it would appear that there are examination markers do not have a clue. Are all examination markers experienced teachers? The examiners marking my papers didn't appear to be, it was laughable and I can't wait to read out the answers that were incorrently marked wrong at the next WJEC meeting, there will be a few red faces! Several years ago, we had our control tests re-marked, 40% of students marks went up, several went up by12 UMS points! Moan! I think we have the right to!
  10. Are you talking about Q7 from IT1 Summer 2010? If so the question specifically asks about the ads/dis of networks <u>in the home</u> - I wouldn't have thought that many homes have Intranets or apply software upgrades from a central point.
    Centrally backing up data is on the mark scheme, although I can't see many homes actually carrying that out (or perhaps I'm a little behind the times!). Do remember though that candidates are supposed to cover the <u>context</u> of the question in their answers and not be generic, this <u>may</u> be why you haven't got the mark. (My candidates have been guilty of this too). Sharing resources should have been awarded a mark in my opinion, but again it may be the lack of context that has caused the lack of mark being awarded.
    Centrally applying software upgrades isn't on the mark scheme and I would not class it as the same thing as centrally install software. I'm probably picky but to me software upgrades kind of implies upgrades to the O/S (such as Windows Update) which is very different to installing software from scratch.
    I have asked for 2 IT1 papers to be remarked and for 1 to be returned (out of 35-ish) - not received them yet, but only submitted the request a few days ago. Generally pleased with the results of my candidates, but there are a few strange results hence the requests made.
    Unfortunately I can't go to the INSET sessions this year - will have to just try and make improvements without any extra help!!
  11. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    Gwent Teacher - Not sure which meeting you are going to Swansea or Cardiff (going to Cardiff so may here you in there), but by the time centres have finished complaining about IT1 there won't be much time left for anything else. The problem with WJEC is they have been the victim of their own success or the demise of others. They now have nearly 6000 entrants and I don't think Mr Carey is up to the job of organising it. From the papers we got back it's obvious they are taking on any rubbish to mark them - but that has been said before. I also think there needs to be a change in the person writing the paper - Dai-abolical just about sums it up. I can only pray to god that things change for the January resit paper - yes resit paper, as I think that's basically what it will be.
  12. Y'know, I think you are probably right. But be honest, do you really think anything you say or do will change one tiny thing at any exam board? Common, be honest now. All this hand wringing will just give you heart burn. Be indignant and argue with WJEC if you like. You'll just end up with a sore throat and a numb feeling of vacancy. Accept that this is the way things are and have always been, as far as all exam boards are concerned anyway. And next year, whichever exam board you are with will be identical; the same muppets will be in charge, nodding at the right times and leading in circles. No one will have been 'moved on'. Students, lollipop men and workers on the Tesco night shift will be employed to mark. You will get lousy grades again, and get some papers back, and the whole sexy process will begin all over again.You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby. Forget it. Just take your salary, go home, kick the dog and forget it.
  13. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    Very sad but very true.
  14. Plenty of centres got good results (mine didn't get particularly good ones for the exam) and it's not reasonable to blame wjec without some evidence supporting claims of incompetence on its part. Frankly, some of what I have read above indicates to me that some centres don't really know what they are doing.
    The same goes for blaming wjec for having markers who are unskilled mules - where is the real evidence for this?
    I know I *** up in preparing my kids for the exam - the 'novel' questions used didn't match my expectations and as a result, the last minute cramming sessions I gave weren't anywhere near as effective as they might have been
    Neither did my preparation of my kids for the 'gift' marks from the spreadsheet section come up to scratch.
    The lack of the the 'Define Data, Information and Knowledge and illustrate your answer with examples' question didn't help either - that cost my kids 6 marks. So it goes.
    The spread of marks - the low number of As and low-grade-biased spread of grades concerns me far more than accusatons of poor marking.
    I don't think an average mark for all candidates just above the bottom of E is reasonable or sensible and some re-distribution could possible have taken place to reflect a more difficult test but i might be wrong about that, too.
    I just don't know for sure why results were not as good as could have been but my analysis starts with my faults and failures before blame is allocated elsewhere - I don't feel that has always been the case for all contributors above.
  15. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    I must admit I can't help but think I see this thread every year either with WJEC or AQA in the title and I still never quite get it. I was disappointed with my grades but they were what I would have predicted for the small class that I had of 12. They averaged 13/16 on the spreadsheet stuff, good considering 2 got Us overall on the paper, but we could prepare for this and it still annoyed me that some did not get full marks. I just don't see where people can *** about the questions. A friend and colleague of mine, who does post on here, scored pretty much all either A, B or C on that paper from about 20 kids. He does not have exceptional kids, he just prepared them very well.
    My overall grades were brought down by a 20% hit on the coursework, which at first made me angry because I have never taken a coursework hit before, and I was straight in during August to organise the appeal. However it turned out that after chatting through the moderator's comments with a non ICT colleague here and going through the work I began to see what the moderator had a problem with, still don't buy all of it, but they will redo it and resubmit.
    Bottom line is that this is a tough subject to get good grades in but it's not always the moderators/markers fault, you just have to train the kids to rote learn specifics and reproduce it. You can jump ship to someone else but you will only have to do the same thing there.
  16. Eggs-actly. Just forget it. Take your salary, go home, kick the dog and forget it.
  17. Probably the best approach. I gave up with OCR a long time ago. The secrecy surrounding markers' qualifications says it all. The vague moderator reports, the poor quality specifications, dreadful coursework tasks that sends students to sleep, conflicting information at training sessions from one year to the next .....

    and nothing ever changes. No one ever sorted out the problems in nearly a decade with the last GCSE coursework, and these new ones with their controlled assessments are simply a shambles. No wonder the numbers taking IT as an option has crashed by a third in the last few years. Another couple of years more and it will be on a par with Playing-The-Cello-Studies.
  18. ccroyle

    ccroyle New commenter

    Got a meeting tomorrow, anyone got the mean marks for similar papers to WJEC IT1 (the 34.5 one!) for AQA, OCR, CEA and Edxcel.
    Would be really grateful.Thank you.
  19. Yes, I have them.

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