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WJEC A Level Results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by johnbrown, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    Just received some papers back for Unit1 and the ones I have briefly looked at are disgracefully marked, the marker even missed adding up their own ticks. I know what I will be doing over the weekend.[​IMG]
  2. I wonder if you got a student marking your work? If they can't add up, they probably got an A* at GCSE Maths, an A at A Level Maths (and ICT) and then went off to university to do Media Studies.
    Can I suggest that you ask for the qualifications of the person who marked your work? They will say, 'No' of course, but they will be very sheepish about this and may be more willing to compromise if they realise the cat could get out of the bag if you kick up a fuss. Also, make sure that when you contact them, you do it via you Head, who needs to be very indignant and demanding with them.
  3. I am a veteran of amny an AQA marking dustup, so I know how pedantic it can get. But guidance on this WJEC (one of many) example please:
    Q4 IT1 - "Walkthrough: be able to see how the design has come together, displayed in 3D, good for customers as it makes it easier to visualise"

    No marks. I guess because the advantage has to be for the architect? But of course helping the customer to visualise would be an advantage to the architect wouldn't it?

    We are looking at our papers with interest. Sees to be all or nothing marking and has to be exactly what's in the mark scheme. Slightly poor language skills (most of our centre!) and no marks.

    Not complaining, just seeking some wisdo,m
  4. Exactly how was the question phrased, for how many marks and what was the mark scheme from the exam board?
  5. This is the first year I have done the WJEC AS course and I am confused. Looking at the printout my exams officer gave me shows one set of marks for IT1, but looking on the secure site at the breakdown of the marks by question gives completely different marks for all students apart from 1. Can anyone shed any light?
    Also, my IT2 marks have been marked down. Should I get a moderators report sent to me automatically or do I have to apply for it?
  6. Moderators reports should be sent automatically, but if not with you next week would suggest calling Ian Carey or Clare Williams and asking for it to be e-mailed. All centre's IT2 marks look as if they have been marked down but remember there is the raw to ums conversion to be taken into account.

    Still haven't had my IT2 coursework back yet though.
  7. Thanks for this welshman. So all the coursework is returned? Any idea about my IT1 problem?
    Also, for IT2, do the documents the students create have to be based on the documents they review ie. for the same Company, or can they be for a totally different company?
  8. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    WJEC seem to have got themselves into a mess this year, I still haven't had my moderator reports.
  9. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    I sense a fudge, as the reports are completed when the work is moderated. Why so long to recieve them?
  10. Be careful about the marking on IT 1 - as I found out last year when going over papers. The ticks don't necessarily mean marks as some of the questions (quality of language) are banded therefore the ticks are there just to help the examiner and don't mean 1 tick 1 mark. The examiner can use their professional judgement to assign a band for that student (same as AQA) based on the students response. The only one problem with this (same as AQA) is you need to be a fairly experienced examiner to band correctly and as we all know they are few and far between.
    Unfortunately, a lot of the questions on IT 1 are fairly subjective so trying to fit a rigid marking scheme will inevitably cause problems. If you have an inexperienced examiner or non-teacher then often they are far too harsh in their marking but generally within tolerance or not enough to cause major concern in the system - hence mistakes will go through.
    I do see this getting worse every year.

  11. ccroyle

    ccroyle New commenter

    We have one of those:
    Walkthrough will enable the architect to see what the building looks like inside - therefore an advantage would be making sure there is enough room in a corridor for example. NO MARKS
    Walkthrough: allows the architect to see in virtual reality what the inside of the building will look like.
    OK, not the best example given but apart from the architect being able to see what it looks like, there are no other suggested examples on the MS!
    Any ideas?
  12. All coursework should by now be back in centres, however WJEC only gave go ahead for it be returned during the last day or two of last term, so Parcel Force may have held of the delivery until start of this term.
    IT2 students can use documents of a similar company, e.g. Can look at Tesco documents for the corner shop or Hilton for a local hotel. The only requirement was that they where from the same type of organisation.
  13. I think you wil have to tell your kids to make sure they use the words 'virtual reality' next year.
  14. mitch - you really need to get yourself on a WJEC training course.
    It'll clear up all these little questions and transform your confidence.
    (I don't work for them by the way)
  15. Only just got back from holiday so just got time to read the very interesting thread. IT2 marks all fine and not moved down. IT3 was sat in Jan- only a few resits but v little difference to Jan apart from 1 student who went up to what she should be. Didn't get any A*s but didn;t really expect them. Most students in line or above prediction. Lazy, non-attenders below. AS results, as yours John Brown, buffered by the coursework for students to get the grades they were predicted. I have just a couple of hardworking students below their target- but may I emphasise, hardworking not particuarly academic. I will ask for these papers back and see how they have done compared to the mark scheme. Compuiting all on target and as expected.
  16. Did you get your feedback today?
  17. Nope!
    Can anyone explain why the IT1 results that I got through SIMS, differ from the results from the WJEC secure site where it analyses results by question?
  18. Khashoggi

    Khashoggi New commenter

    The SIMS marks will be UMS and the marks on the secure website will be raw.
  19. Thanks Khashoggi.
    I kinda thought that, but one of my students results are the same on both systems, the others are not.
  20. ccroyle

    ccroyle New commenter

    Anyone come across the Examiners Report for IT1 yet?

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