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WJEC A Level Results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by johnbrown, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. My school is an inner city 5hit-hole and we are still new to WJEC - 2nd series AS and first time A2.
    Terrible results for AS Theory - massive ones for the practical.
    100% pass rate for A2 - excellent results for the practical.
    AS theory really isn't working out for us but overall things are ok.
    How's it working out for you all?
    Nice to hear from experienced/ inexperienced WJEC teachers from posh school /**** school backgrounds.

  2. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    HI JB,
    You beat me to it - shocking results for Unit IT1 AS Theory paper, good Unit IT2 practical results. A2 results - bad for theory good for practical. We were once number one in the country for IT especially on a value added basis, we were also number one in the college, we are now bottom in the college.
    We are a Welsh centre and have been with WJEC since 2005 for IT and longer for Computing, however, we feel we now need to look at changing. I'm not saying it's all the boards fault, there are three parties involved here, but I think they need to take a serious look at their Chief Examiner and his interpretation of the subject, in particular the way he is phrasing questions, the level of the questioning and the number of topics in the syllabus.
    <u>This cannot continue.</u> [​IMG]
  3. Incredible - been teaching ICT for many years and never had such bad theory results - There is something fundamentally wrong with WJEC for ICT. Maybe it's time for a change.
  4. OMG! A2 sorted.
    AS IT1 is a bloodbath - 47/79 Ungraded in exam. Not an issue last year - we were ALPS 2. Usually the top performing AS in the institution.

  5. My school is a good comprehensive and we've been teaching WJEC A level for 2 years. Our results this year are the best ever - 100% A to B for AS and 90% A* to B for A2 (20% A*). The students have done better in ICT than their other subjects, for ICT AS every student is 1 or 2 grades above their prediction. Results for coursework and exam were both high.
  6. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    @hollata - congratulations to you and your students.

    We don't do WJEC ICT we do do WJEC Computing. All results in line with predictions. Linear across the board AS and A2. Bit dull really ;-) Was hoping for a good ALPS as we were close to a 1 last year.
    Oh well.
  7. Well done sir.... how many kids and what sort of grade profile?

    Can anyone find the WJEC IT1 % and raw boundaries on the web? They are not answering the phone!
  8. ocr is the choice of the wise now. Nearly 30 pupils entered ICT AS, all but 5 got an A or B. Nearly 15 sat A2 with all but 1 getting an A or B. Computing results everyone got an A, 2 got an A* and 2 got C grades 1 got an E. Bog standard comp with computing specialist status (that means we got new desks last year).
    Let's be honest. The ICT exams have got a lot easier recently. The coursework as ever is the key to it all, and it is so easy to get everyone nearly 100% these days. That's how we do so well.
    I expect our GCSE results to be excellent this year but am worrried about two years time. No one at ocr seems to be able to give clear advice about the controlled assessments.

  9. Well what can I say? In my 15 years of teaching I have had the worst ever WJEC AS results with 21/55 failing the course. Coursework was good (in line with TMG) but theory results very very very bad. Looks like I will be going from a value added score of 1/2 (top 10%) to bottom!I
    I am pleased to say I will no longer teaching this next year as I have left sixth form teaching!!!
    I am afraid the welsh board has joined all the others in providing the standard **** results for ICT! Maybe I am just a poor teacher, but I have failed to ever get good results in ICT theory!
    Do the boards ever wonder why their numbers are falling year in and year out? They predict by 2015 there will be nobody studying this subject.
    Well, there u go! I am pleased for all those centres that have done well but I suspect they are few and far between. Maybe I should roll a dice for determining students grades, as the more work I put in the worse the results get.
  10. Khashoggi

    Khashoggi New commenter

    Same sort of breakdown for us.

    A2 - 80% A-B and 100% A-C. All above ALPS prediction.

    AS - 35% got a U in the exam and no one higher than a C. We had good cwk marks, although moderated down v slightly . Overall all but one above ALPS prediction.

    Will be asking for a re mark on two of the IT1 papers and will ask for some of the others back to try and get into the minds of the markers.

  11. IT1 results awful, just awful. Don't know what more I could have done. I worked my a**e off on that unit this year.

    A2 okay but some individual performances a little below expectation.
  12. Just look at the statistics on the WJEC website:
    AS - http://www.wjec.co.uk/uploads/publications/11224.pdf
    A2 - http://www.wjec.co.uk/uploads/publications/11222.pdf

    How can that be?
  13. Still trying to find out the actual % achieving grades in the IT1 exam...must be a huge % for ungraded nationally.
  14. Stodgey - thanks for that - just looked at the publications - seriously disgraceful - I think Mr Stockley at WJEC needs to take a long look at this and try and find the cause.
  15. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    Just had a quick look at the WJEC figures. Almost identical to AQA. If not a tad worse as ICT is THE hardest subject to get A*-C in. Is there a conspiracy? I'd be far better off trying my hand at Welsh as a Second Language!
  16. I wonder if there was a problem with the markers? How many markers were students, secretaries, cleaners, people without computing or ict degrees? As they are a public body, i guess any newspaper could have a lot of fun asking for this information and seeing just who did the marking. All the exam boards were desperately trying to recruit a few months ago so it wouldn't surprise me if my granny was making a few bob by marking ict papers.
  17. Hi gbradshaw
    I've asked myself the same question with the Applied ICT theory today. Once again the coursework in Year 12 has been excellent for the good pupils and bad for the bad pupils. It was what we predicted. However the AICT1 theory exam has been a car crash.
    No reply to any emails from the WJEC. I need breakdowns now.
    Well done to those who have it sussed.
  18. Hmm - why are the Applied ICT figures not there?
    Is there another document?

  19. Mr Bradshaw... you still at (were at) Peter Symonds?

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