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Withdrawning money from TES...

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by PrinceSobaah, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. PrinceSobaah

    PrinceSobaah New commenter


    I'm from Maldives. Can I withdraw money from TES if I get more than £10 by selling resources...?

    If so, how...?
  2. TinaMade

    TinaMade New commenter

    Hi @PrinceSobaah,

    Yes, once your account reaches a balance of £10 you are able to withdraw the amount from your account.

    To withdraw your money simply click the “Withdraw to my bank” button beneath your sales balance and the money will be sent directly to your bank account (you will be asked for this information upon your first withdrawal).

    Please remember that you are limited to one withdrawal per week.

    Hope that helps and if you have anymore questions regarding selling, please email us authors@tes.com

    TES Authors Team
    PrinceSobaah likes this.
  3. PrinceSobaah

    PrinceSobaah New commenter

    Thank you so much... I'm delighted to hear that...
  4. LanguageArtsLab

    LanguageArtsLab New commenter

    Does anyone have experience in receiving their money to an overseas account? Timeframe please.. :)
    PrinceSobaah likes this.
  5. PrinceSobaah

    PrinceSobaah New commenter

    Yes, I got my first withdrawal, but it took about 7-8 days... May be it's my first time...
  6. LanguageArtsLab

    LanguageArtsLab New commenter

    Mine was about the same. I got emailed to double check my bank details. All in all, pretty painless.
    PrinceSobaah likes this.
  7. charity8jean

    charity8jean New commenter

    can they send money to paypal?

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