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Withdrawal/Intervention Groups

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by alwaysbeengreen, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Hello :)
    I am a TA in year 5, which I started in September. I have been taking small groups of children every afternoon since September, who need support in reading, writing and numeracy.

    This term the teachers have asked me to take 2 groups each afternoon, still taking the lower ability children, but also children of a higher ability who just need that extra bit of support.

    I get one hour per week to plan for these sessions, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what sort of activities or resources I could use?

    This is my first year working as a TA and whilst I feel I have a good relationship with the higher ability children, up to now other than occasionally supporting them during teacher-led lessons, and hearing them read I have not really had much to do with them, and I am at a bit of a loss as to how best to help them.

    Whilst I have no doubt that the year group teachers would help me out, they're actually a bit too good to me and would find things for me to do with them, and I'd like to be able to do this for myself.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
  2. legoearth

    legoearth New commenter

    First of all, lucky you,planning time!!!! It's a bit difficult to suggest what to do with them not knowing their strengths and weaknesses. What ever you do make it fun and different from the class lessons but always link to whatever they are doing in class. Game and puzzles for maths, role plays or some other such activity based thing for literacy, for reading I love to share a book. Not many teachers or parents have time to read a good story out loud so it's a great oportunity for the children to hear somebody read. Let them have a little go, a paragraph or two at the most then you read in as animated a way and as full of expression as you can. They love it and their reading will improve from hearing you, I guarantee!! Good luck!!
  3. I think you are being taken advantage of, even with the planning time you have been given. In our school we teach literacy and numeracy in intervention groups. We are never asked to plan for these lessons................planning is always done by the class teacher. I dont even mark the work for my group as teachers quality mark anyway
  4. Yes, I'm so grateful that I do get that time!
    I have access to copies of their last set of assessments, but generally the teachers like me to reinforce whatever it is they are currently doing during literacy and numeracy, or they will tell me if they want me to cover a specific area that they think the children need support with.
    Thanks for the mental maths idea and the website, they do love being first to write their answers on whiteboards!
    I hadn't come across 2 of those websites, so thank you!

    The planning is done by the teachers for literacy lessons, and although I plan and mark for a very small numeracy group I take during numeracy time, the resources are all given to me by the teacher, I just choose/adapt it for lower ability children.

    It is for groups I take during the afternoon lessons that I am asked to find my own resources for, which I am hoping once I have a better idea of where to look won't take me too long.

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