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Winter baby club 2009/2010

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by pinkgk, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Think that the time has come for the winter baby thread so as not to clog the ttc thread with stories of morning sickness and baby paranoia! Looking forward to seeing all the ttc ladies over here very soon, as well as anyone else who has found they are expecting and would like to join in!
    So I'm Pink and I'm 7 1/2 weeks pregnant with 2nd child (due 7th Dec by my calculations). Very very bad sickness, haven't worked for 3 weeks and I'm sat now with travel sickness bands on my wrists trying to force down a dry biscuit [​IMG]
    I'm looking forward to sharing stories on here and can't believe that in several months we will all be posting our babies names and weights!! [​IMG]
  2. Hey, congrats to everyone, I hope I'll be joining you'll soon. How are you'll finding working in your early stages? I am a little worried that I might struggle in work, as an NQT I need to pass this year and wondering how you cope with sickness at work.
  3. mangochutney

    mangochutney New commenter

    Hello all
    I'm 7+2 weeks pregnant with first child, due 10th December. I got married at xmas and we're both 28. I'm having a private scan bank holiday weekend when I'll be 8 weeks, can't wait but also terrified that there'll be nothing there and I've jsut imagined it. I have taken a shocking amount of test; I don't really believe it! Not had too many symptoms; swollen breasts and sore nips, weight gain (not good no clothes fit!{), some dizziness and forgetfulness. No Morning sickness as yet though I get quesy in the afternoons and very, very tired at the end of the school day.
    Here's hoping for a happy and healthy 9 months for all of us!
  4. how many? he he
  5. mangochutney

    mangochutney New commenter

    I've lost count; we were on holiday in remote scotland when we found out and could only find cheap tests in pharmacies so used them. The lines were faint at first so I didn't believe it or trust that we weren't imagining it, I also got a negative on a clearblue digital during a day out in Glasgow which threw me! I had a pack of 15 cheap ebay tests though I'd only taken 3 away with me so have since used them once we were back.I've also caved and got more in the supermarket.Sometimes I really think I've made it up, it seems so weird that something so amazing and profound is going on inside you even throughout the most mundane circumstances and you never tire of seeing a positive test.
  6. I've done 3 tests and one digital one! Might do another in a few days. I know what you mean mangochutney, I can't believe it either! How do you get a private scan? I'm interested in getting one. I think the risk goes down quite a lot after 8 weeks doesn't it? Then again at 12? I think that's what my book said. My friend gave me her book [​IMG] You definitely can't get sick of seeing it. I check mine all the time!
    I have tender nips and OH says my boobs have grown. I feel tired tonight but nothing too bad yet. It'll come I'm sure! [​IMG]
    Good luck for your scan tomorrow Pink! XXX
  7. Hi everyone,
    I'm due about 1st December so it's nice to hear from others at a similar stage. Am off to the Drs this week finally, and it's starting to feel real.
    Having said that, definitely had plenty of exhaustion and other undesirable symptoms so it better be!
    Has anyone thought about how far in advance to take maternity leave? This is my first and the September term is always such hard work! Any advice? I don't plan to make any decisions for a while but I'm interested to hear other people's ideas.
  8. Hello guest42 (and everyone else),

    It's tempting to go on as long as you can, so you can more of your leave afterwards with the baby, but when I had my first I stopped work a month beforehand, and was struggling to make it in for the last couple of weeks.
    I'm only four and a half weeks with my second baby, but I've had to tell people already. I get abdominal oedema, I start the day looking normal, but after a day on my feet the water builds up and by 3pm I have a bump! It happened with my first baby too, so this time I'm not worried, it just makes it a bit hard to keep quiet.
  9. hi everyone!
    Im 8 weeks (and counting the days every morning!) Bit paranoid about everything but great to see this thread which isn't full of horror stories of miscarrage etc. I'm struggling to keep going at school too - especially on my 9 lesson day....gave up at lunchtime last week and came home! Hope all goes well for everyone - i'm really convinced that positivity helps! xx
  10. Hi all
    Glad to hear your scan went well Pink! How wonderful that you've heard the heart beat already! Wow! That's amazing. I'm so jealous!
    Still don't feel any different. I'm 4 weeks 5 days. Went to the doctors this morning, didn't do much. Gave me the midwife info and said to make a booking in appointment when I am about 8-10 weeks. Didn't your doctor give you loads of information Imorme? When will I start to feel different I wonder? I'm more tired but that's about it!
    He said that one quarter of pregnancy end in miscarriage. So I worked out that means there is a 25% chance I'll miscarry and a 75% I won't. So odds are in my favour although trying to take one day at a time.
    How is everyone else getting on? XX
  11. Hey guys - thought Id pop in to see how everyone is and see if can reserve a space for me, I hope I can join you guys soon, OVing so 2ww here I come - fingers crossed/baby dust/all that jazz!
    Pink that must have been so surreal seeing that heartbeat, I think that I would want to take the monitor home with me.
    Glad all is well Ontheroad, fingers crossed for the next few weeks then everyone can get properly excited.
    OOOooo I want to be here properly soon - although a few months and Ill have to start a spring thread!
    Good luck everyone :)

  12. Hi Pippy! Hope you can join us soon! Good luck!
    How is everyone? Bit quiet on here. I still don't feel any different. The only thing I've really noticed is that I get thirsty really quickly and I get the stuffed feeling sooner when eating. I'm still convinced I'm imagining it. I'm so worried I'll get to the scan and there won't be anything there. No heartbeat, no baby!
    Pink, how did you go about getting an early scan? And how much did it cost? I take it it was private?
    Hope everyone's doing well and not too sickly! XXX
  13. Hi Ontheroad and everyone else!
    I am officially 8 weeks today, and I cant believe how slowly time is going!!!! It feels like years until my 12 week scan! I'm feeling OK at the moment too, although also feel stuffed sooner when eating, and yet STARVING only a couple of hours later! I also had to take a class to mass this morning which is only a five minute walk, but I was shattered by the time I got back, feeling really puffed and out if breath too!
    I really want to have an early scan too, but my husband is being all sensible about it (too expensive - just wait - its ONLY four weeks!) I worry they will say that I have imagined it all too!!!
    Tinks x
  14. i just went to the hospital (actually just to try and walk round as i'm petrified of needles etc) and they gave me a scan at 5 weeks in the Early Preg Unit - no charge and it was offered! not sure if every hospital do it but may be worth checking out
  15. Hi ontheroad, I just googled private pregnancy scan and my local town and found lots of places. The cheapest was £70 and well worth it. They could fit me in within days of booking and I got 3 pics and a dvd so I can sit at home and watch the little heart beating.
    Saw MW today and had bloods done etc. Found out that due to my last birth and my mums history I will get a choice of an elective c-section (which based on last time is definately what I want) so I'm very pleased, especially as they will probably book me in a week or so before due date so will be a Nov baby rather than another Dec one!
    Glad everyone is doing well x
  16. Hi Tinks, I'm 5 weeks today! God, this past week has gone so so slowly. I think I might research early scans, and try to persuade OH to let me have one. I just find it very hard to believe that I'm pregnant, I can't imagine having a baby or getting bigger! That's why I'd quite like an early scan, to check it's there. To get to 12 weeks is going to take an age!!
    baileysgal - did you tell them you were worried and wanted a scan, or did they just offer? what could you see? I'm not sure if my local hospital has an early pregnancy unit, or does every hospital have one?
    I'm going away in 2 weeks, so going to try to get a midwife appointment for the week I get back, when I'll be 8 weeks all being well, I can't wait to get the ball rolling so to speak, feel like I'm just waiting, not pregnant, not not pregnant, not sickly, nothing, just that I've imagined it. I did another digital test yesterday to make sure [​IMG]
  17. Pink - did you have to have a small probe inserted into your vagina for the scan?! Scary!! But I found one that's £45 quid. Might have to go for it at 8 weeks. That's only 3 weeks away, not 7! Much closer!
  18. Think they have to do that if its really early but mine was just a normal scan (thankfully!). MW said she will book my scan for 11 wks which is only 2 1/2 weeks away, can't wait to finally tell everyone. Everyday I get closer to 12 weeks Im getting more and more excited! I can feel a tiny little bump in my tummy, from the scar from my last c-section up to about an inch or so above it. I know its far too early to show but I can definately feel it and its very rounded, especially when Im lay down. I just lie in bed with my hand on it for ages!!
    How is everyone feeling?
  19. i didn't tell the hospital anything really - they just offered me the scan when i went in just to get used to the hospital environment as it freaks me out. I just saw the sac thing - i'm not convinced its worth paying for a scan until there is a heartbeat though but thats just my personal thought. It did confirm that the sac was in the right place and the right size for the date. I just went onto the hospital website and searched under early preg unit and it came up with the times that you can 'pop in' rather than have appt. It is a probe into vagina scan - not painful but a little unconfortable ...very amusing to watch them put a condom on the probe though!!! hpoe all goes well
  20. I would wait until 8 weeks, so then there would be a heartbeat all being well. Might look at local hospital early preg units. Or look for private scan place. Saw one that's a vaginal probe. Is a bit like a smear test?
    That's amazing Pink, I can't wait. I just want to feel something, at the moment I don't feel anything. I know I'm only 5 weeks and still very early days. You're nearly out of the first trimester! WOW!!

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