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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, hope you are having a good day! We drove to the 41+1 appt this morning with me in tears. Had my second S&S and a lecture from the midwife to have lots of sex, hot curries and long walks. I am booked in for induction at 8am on Friday and am disappointed, as is Houston, that I can't use the birth centre/labour pool with an induction. I really hope he attempts an exit in the meantime. I hate being overdue and am getting so frustrated. I have been cleaning, eating and baking like a demented woman! I am off to bed for the last Saturday with baby in utero. Feel a bit sad - did the new Mums miss their bumps in the beginning? SLC, I just bunged my hammock fabric on a 30 wash and now it's stuffed in his wardrobe. I guess I should iron and hang it!! Night, ladies xx
  2. Ah FS I'm sorry your still waiting for your little man I bet your uncomfortable now my lovely. I have everything crossed for you - come on mini FS we are all awaiting your arrival ! Yep I miss my bump. I was actually looking at my bump pics today and can't believe how big I was. I'm looking forward to bump number 2 (god willing) already. Good luck and lots of love - oh and if you can manage sex your a better woman than me that was not on my agenda at full term I can tell you xxx
  3. ((FS)) I've never been as pregnant as you are, but it must be really hard - I was barely coping with being preg this time last week so you are a much stronger woman than I. The chances are that.you wont need to be induced and will go in the next day or so. To answer your question I dont miss having a bump and am looking forward to gettimg my body back. Fingers crossed for you - labour vibes - labour vibes -
  4. Hello all,
    I haven't contributed for a while but do read often. Congratulations to all whose babies have arrived.
    FS, I hope your little one arrives very soon. I'm almost 38 weeks and cannot begin to contemplate another 3+ weeks so you must feel v fed up. It'll be worth it in the end though.
    A quick question if you don't mind - I've been having a lot of period type aches (not pains) in the last few days. Def not contractions but uncomfortable none the less. I dont remember feeling this last time and was wondering if this is a sign things are moving or it's just because baby is engaged. Any ideas?
    Going for a sweep next week on the advice of my consultant, hoping it works but not getting carried away!
    I think I may be last on the list here before it moves to Spring babies. Seems ages away!!

  5. daisy_chain

    daisy_chain New commenter

    Aw fs I feel your pain! The midwife sounds like a ***! Sex? Are you kidding me??? With my hip and pelvic pain it was impossible! When I was finally taken in the midwife said that there was some truth in the sex thing but the hot curry thing only worked if it upset your tummy! I was 13 days over and induced as I've said before the pessary worked for me. If it works for you too surely you can have a waterbirth? I was allowed!

    God I just know how fed up you are honey but do believe me that just like the pain of labour you will forget this awful time too I promise! And I'm sure you will go before Friday! Xxx
  6. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Come on Baby FS! Give your mummy a break! I'm willing you to go 'naturally' FS! Good luck Hun!
  7. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Hi Harriet!
    I lurk on winter babies and spring babies as I may be sort of in between. I'm 35 weeks today so due late Feb but if overdue it'll be spring! So you're not really one of the last I've got a way to go yet!
    FS - I am keeping everything crossed that your little boy will come before Friday, I'm sure he will, that quite a few days away yet. Seems to be some differences in whether a water birth is allowed after induction or not - I wonder why? Might ask at my midwide appointment this week.
    Coolgiraffe xxxx
  8. Hi all, thanks for your lovely messages! I am now 41+2 and still hanging in there! Ate curry for dinner last night and lunch and dinner today. It hasn't triggered anything yet so may add extra madras powder tomorrow! Hoping hubby will put out tonight - yes, I am that desperate. Going to have a bath now to shave my legs and wash my hair in the morning hopefully then baby will come. I have had two sweeps and they have felt baby's head both times. He is as stubborn as both his parents... The MW said that if the pessary works I can have hot baths in the labour ward but can't use the birth centre which is where the pools are. Friday is still a long way off and I have all to play for. In a way the induction would be good as I would have all the antibiotics I need! Right, nature calls following my curries - maybe something will happen tonight? Hugs to all xx
  9. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Wondering how you are today FoundationStage? Hope you are ok, not long to go go now.
    Coolgiraffe xxx
  10. Houston is also quiet - hopefully her baby has also been born. As for us we are having the age old cot sleeping problem so atm to avoid screaming have LO in moby wrap - a bit like being pregnant again!!
  11. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    No news from cbrown either?
    Thats FS, Houston and Cbrown all gone quiet!!!
    Are you resting girls or has someone won the race?
    Hope you are all ok and coping, take care, we want some news soon!!!!
    I had a 35 week appointment today and I'm measuring 4cm too big when I'm usually 2cm ahead - MW said there's no need to refer me as she's not too concerned and they wouldn't do a growth scan til after 37 weeks anyway at my hospital - oh no... I'm now worrying about a giant baby [​IMG]
    Coolgiraffe (35+2)
  12. Hi coolgiraffe, I wouldn't worry about the measurements, it's not an exact science and if they were concerned they'd have referred you. How are you finding maternity leave having finished at Christmas? I'm getting bored tbh and kinda regretting not going back for a couple of weeks. I'm feeling well and still have two weeks to wait! Hoping that sweep tomorrow will start things off!
  13. Eek hope to hear from the girls soon x
    CG I measured 4cms too big at one point (was always too big when ever fundal measurment was taken) and was referred for a growth scan. My baby was 7.1 so please don't worry xxx
  14. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Aw many thanks Harriet and Jules! That has reassured me about measurements being too big. I'm sure my little girl enjoys sticking her bum out as far forwards as she can at the midwife!
    The midwife said she would only be able to refer me to my hospital for growth scan after being full term because they don't worry about it til then, so I have another appointment in 2 weeks which will be 37 weeks. She said she'll just see what it's like at the next appointment but not to worry (ha ha!) I'm secretly hoping it's all water.
    I suppose I'd be more worried if baby was too small but I don't want to have squeeze a giant baby out - ouch!
    Harriet, I'm finding mat leave from Christmas was the right decision for me cos I've had backache, a bit of SPD and slightly high / borderline blood pressure. I'm not getting much sleep at night but get a good dose of it from 6am til about 10:30am so definitely was a good decision to finish!
    Coolgiraffe xxx
  15. Hi All,
    I have tried to post before but been on phone so don't have password. Had a little blue bundle of joy in early hours of Saturday weighing 6lb13. Been in hospital for while on a special care ward as it was all quite a traumatic labour and birth but home now and LO heart seems stable.
    Wow - finding knowing what he wants quite tricky in terms of it usually being feeding - is this right? Should I wait until he cries or take his suckling cues and feed any way? Also am BF but considering expressing for some feeds - any tips or advice? Sorry for questions ...
    Hopefully Houston and FS can join me in birth announcements?
  16. Congratulations, CB!! I am so glad you are home with your son but sorry it was so traumatic. Houston also has a little boy and I am still waiting for mine. Will be induced on Friday at 8am should he not appear in the meantime. Hugs to Mums and babies. BG, I can't wait to use my Moby wrap! 41+5 (how much longer?!) xx
  17. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Many congratulations CB and Houston, glad you are ok and finally getting your cuddles!
    You next FS! Won't be long now, hope you have a gentle, easy birth.
    Coolgiraffe (35+3) xx
  18. Yay more babies congrats cb and houston :)
    FS hop you are ok. Come on baby you must be sick of the mexican bola chime now :)
    Thanks for all the bf advice. I've seen my HV and am getting some help. I'm actually quite proud of myself for sticking with it because despite what you are told it isn't always that easy. I don't think anyone should judge you for bf or ff because either way there are negatives. I think we are made to feel bad if we don't bf. I'll stick with it for as long as we can and if for any reason we can't I won't beat myself up for giving her formula. Thanks again for the help and support.

  19. Or perhaps he loves it so much he isn't coming out perchance it stops? Ha ha! I am psyching up for induction. Night all xx
  20. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    FS, all the best for tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and baby and hoping to hear your lovely birth story very soon!
    Goodnight and take care
    Coolgiraffe xxx

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